The Comedy Vault – Paul.

Paul (2011)

It’s time to look back at yet another film starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, although this one isn’t the final part of “The Cornetto Trilogy” (that’s The World’s End, and I’ll review that one soon too). This one (also written by Pegg and Frost) centred around aliens, and took that idea to the extreme. Graeme and Clive are friends who are about to go on the roadtrip of their life.

They are in America, and they attend a comic convention (where if you turn up dressed as a robot you get a big cheer), they are interested in the variety of characters, and their ambition is to create a successful one themselves. They then go off to various places where it was reported that aliens have landed, and they want to believe that such things exist. Will they run into one themselves?

And would you believe, they really do run into an alien. Once again, they have the rather British attitude of being all rather surprised by this, rather than realising how extraordinary this all is. Well you don’t see that every day do you, everything is much bigger in America. 60 years ago, a spaceship crashed, but the alien is still around, and on the run trying to avoid capture. Will he ever be able to go home?

Not only is Paul an alien, but he also happens to rudest one around, with something of an attitude (and he was computer-generated rather than being a puppet or anything like that). He really did come from somewhere else. Well it’s just Graeme and Clive’s luck. They take him on to their van, but they must get some Snapple and Doritos first. Once they’ve done that, it’s time to get going.

Paul has got a green face and big eyes, just like what people think aliens look like, and that’s why. By the end, Paul is bringing people back to life, and feeling that his work is finally done, he goes off on his spaceship, but not before some cars blow up for no particular reason, well you’ve always got to have some action in these type of films. Graeme and Clive finally finish their comic, and when they attend the conventions now, they’re the ones that people want to meet!

Paul was another film that went down well with critics, as Pegg and Frost continued to build on the success of Hot Fuzz and the like with another amusing and creative piece of work. There are so many extras, that the DVD was released on two discs. These include an extended version of the film, along with “Simon’s Silly Faces”, how the alien was created, and a making of, and there was also a soundtrack released.


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