The Comedy Vault – Run Fat Boy Run.

Run Fat Boy Run (2007)

This is yet another film that stars Simon Pegg, you might be beginning to think that I am mildly obsessed with his career, but after enjoying his TV comedy series including Big Train and Spaced, it’s been good to follow his more recent success in films. This one isn’t part of The Cornetto Trilogy though, Nick Frost is nowhere to be seen!

One thing that is notable about Run Fat Boy Run is that it was the directorial debut of David Schwimmer, best known for Friends of course, although that’s a sitcom that I have never watched that much myself. Pegg starred as Dennis Doyle (wasn’t that the name of a character in Night And Day?). Five years ago he was unable to go through with his wedding, leaving his pregnant fiancée Libby stranded. vlcsnap-00008

Now he is determined to get her and his son back and try again, he really would do anything. Libby is now going out with Wilt (Hank Azaria of The Simpsons fame), an American who thinks rather a lot of himself, and he is something of a high-flyer, Dennis is the opposite. After Wilt announces he will run a marathon, Dennis decides to as well, even though he has no experience in long-distance running, to try and prove himself. 26 miles? Is that all? vlcsnap-00006

Dennis has decided not to run away from his troubles any more, because as a wise person once said, running away only wears out your shoes. He now has to get busy training, encouraged by his friend Gordon, and there’s no time to lose. He isn’t going to be intimidated by any of this, and gets his little shorts on. And of course The Fratellis are on the soundtrack, I think that it was compulsory that they were featured on every film that was released in this year. vlcsnap-00009

Dennis has got to run, and hopes that he doesn’t hit the wall. His only hope to finish is to have rocket boosters in his trainers. When the race starts, he goes get into some trouble, his knees have gone all scabby, he’s got a blister, and he’s also got a pimple rubbing in an awkward area. But he goes on, finding determination that he never knew he had, and he does indeed complete the race. It only took him 14 hours, he was shattered. Wilt has to admit defeat as Libby is impressed by his heroics. vlcsnap-00010

Another thing that attracted to Run Fat Boy Run is that some of this was made not too far from where I live, and I recognised some places. There was also a guest appearance from David Walliams as a cake enthusiast. Extras include deleted scenes and outtakes. Although there were rather mixed reviews, it didn’t stop Pegg from continuing the impressive ascent of his film career.

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