The Comedy Vault – The Harry Hill Movie.

The Harry Hill Movie (2013)

It’s time to take a look back at some comedy films that I’ve enjoyed. Harry Hill has been appearing on TV since the mid-90s. His rather surreal style has been applied to various formats, whether it’s been in comedy sketch shows or stand-up routines, and rather surprisingly he also managed to transfer to a more mainstream audience with little change, including appearances on comedy panel games, children’s TV, and shows like TV Burp and You’ve Been Framed!

There have also been things including tours, an album, and some books. I remember one of them was Livin’ The Dreem, a fictionalised account of a year in the life of Harry. Although it was an interesting idea, for me most of the jokes just seemed to come from combining references to contemporary celebrities with random old makes of food, meaning entries seemed to consist of “Monday: Dizzee Rascal still hadn’t returned my call, so I had some Tip Top”. vlcsnap-00004

Despite all this, it was good to know that Harry’s routine was going to be turned into a comedy film. A more than decent cast was hired as well, including Julie Walters, Matt Lucas, Simon Bird, Sheridan Smith, Julian Barratt, and Jim Broadbent. What could the idea for the film possibly be? Well it wasn’t a surprise to realise that it was rather unusual. vlcsnap-00003

It started off like any other day, when Harry was having dinner with his nan, although he didn’t have two scoops of mash, no-one could believe it. But then, Harry’s beloved pet hamster suddenly becomes poorly. Just when he is trying to deal with this blow, he is told by his nan that he has a long-lost secret brother called Otto. The vet that Harry goes to acts rather strange and tries to steal the hamster to give to Otto. vlcsnap-00002

This leads to Harry meeting a wide variety of people, including some made out of shells, and there were also plenty of musical interludes. The conclusion is a rather big fight at the top of the Blackpool Tower, as Harry and Otto finally face off, and you’ll never look at Hula Hoops in the same way again. A special guest appearance from Harry’s old friend Stouffer The Cat was one of the highlights. vlcsnap-00005

Well that’s rather odd, when a talking hamster is the least of your troubles. What are the chances of that happening? The Harry Hill Movie seemed to go down fairly well with critics, but overall the response was rather mixed. It was good seeing Harry have the chance to do his thing on the big screen. The DVD contains no extras though, and there haven’t been any plans for a sequel.


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