Radio Memories – an introduction.

After sharing memories of a rather large amount of TV shows that I have enjoyed over the years (I really have watched too much haven’t I), I thought that I might as well start to share some of my favourite radio shows. It’s a good way to do some more pieces, and just like with TV, most of these will concentrate on comedy. I must admit that I have only ever to listened to BBC Radio 4 for the comedy.

This isn’t really a station that is aimed at people like me, but this is just about the only place in radio that is still committed to making sitcoms and so on. I thought that listening to these and determining my favourites might open up that part of my mind a little. Having said that though, I have also discovered a lot of shows long after they first aired when they were repeated on digital station BBC7 (now renamed BBC Radio 4 Extra), and it was good to have the opportunity to finally catch up.

I don’t know how familiar most of the shows that I want to review will be to people, but once again it’s just an opportunity to write about things that I enjoy and get them online. The shows, the characters, the catchphrases, there aren’t a huge amount of pieces planned but I hope that people will find them interesting. There are probably loads of other shows that I might like that I haven’t heard, but these will the highlights for now.

Of course, these pieces won’t be accompanied by pictures (unless I can find any publicity photos), but I hope they’ll be worth reading, and I’ll also share a few pieces about shows I’ve enjoyed on music stations including BBC Radio 1. Anyone who wants to add any additional thoughts is welcome as always. The first of these is coming soon.

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