Maybe one day…

Some people have hoped that I will continue to review TV shows on this blog. However, I have now reviewed the vast majority of what I have wanted to. There are some more shows that I want to review, that I remember from the time, or I don’t but I have read about them and want to discover more, but there are no traces of them online. This is a list of these shows, and a brief description.

Ask No Questions (late-80s ITV game show)
Blind Men (late-90s ITV sitcom)
The Boot Street Band (mid-90s CBBC sitcom)
Boyz Unlimited (late-90s Channel 4 sitcom)
Champion Blockbusters (late-80s ITV game show)
Demolition (early-2000s Channel 5 game show)
Ed Stone Is Dead (early-2000s BBC Choice sitcom)
Etc… (late-80s ITV sketch show)
Fifteen-To-One Scrapbook (late-90s Channel 4 game show special)
Forever (early-2000s ITV music show)
Get Fit With Brittas (late-90s BBC1 sitcom spin-off)
Get Real (late-90s ITV sitcom)
Gibberish (early-90s BBC1 game show)
Here’s Johnny (late-90s Channel 4 comedy chat show)
Hit Man (late-80s ITV game show)
Housemates (mid-90s BBC1 game show)
The Jim Tavare Show (late-90s Channel 5 sketch show)
Kelly’s Eye (mid-80s ITV sketch show)
Knock Knock (late-80s CBBC game show)
Marlene Marlowe Investigates (mid-90s CBBC sitcom)
Morris Minor’s Marvellous Motors (late-80s BBC1 sitcom)
The New Tomorrow (mid-2000s Channel 5 drama spin-off)
Not Another Game Show (early-2000s BBC1 comedy clip show)
100% Gold (late-90s Channel 5 game show)
Only Joking (early-90s ITV comedy panel game)
People Do The Funniest Things (mid=80s ITV comedy clip show)
Pirates (mid-90s CBBC sitcom)
A Question Of Entertainment (late-80s BBC1 game show)
A Question Of TV (early-2000s BBC1 game show)
Quiz Bowl (early-90s Channel 4 game show)
Relative Strangers (mid-80s Channel 4 sitcom)
Sport Addicts (early-2000s Challenge game show)
Sprockets (early-90s ITV film show)
10 Sharp (early-90s ITV entertainment show)
What’s All This Then (late-80s CBBC show)
Your Number Please (early-90s ITV game show)

If anyone does have at least one full edition of any of these shows to put online, or knows where there may be some clips already online, then that will come in really useful. Until then, I might review a few other things that I have planned.

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