The Review Of 2020.

It’s time to take a look back at the year. Now I plan to only really write about what I have achieved on my blog in 2020, I have tried not to take too much notice of what has been happening in the news, although it’s hard to deny that there have been times when it has been dispiriting to say the least. Being able to put more blog pieces together has definitely helped me to get through it all, and I’ll pick out a few highlights. 2020

It is weird to think that I started this blog almost six years ago now. I did wonder if it was a good idea, but it has gone well, and my memories of putting those early pieces together are almost nostalgic in themselves now. This year I realised that there were still plenty of TV shows that I wanted to review, so I thought that I might as well just get on with it. This meant that for a while the pieces were being produced at a frantic pace, with one a day at one point, and this will be my 321st piece of the year.

To go on about statistics a little, this blog has had over 105,000 views this year, which is a new record for a year by some distance, and an average of almost 290 views a day. My most-viewed piece is my review of ITV’s Tenable. I haven’t reviewed many shows that are currently still on TV, but this one has had a big response, because every time there is a big win on the show, people look at the piece to discover what the biggest-ever win is.

It’s always great to find things on YouTube as well, and I have looked back at TV shows of varying fame, just anything that I thought people would like to know about. Leaving this blog open to comments is always interesting, because sometimes I simply get a comment saying “I remember that”, or “that was good”, and it always makes me feel flattered that people want to spend the time looking at this blog and share memories.

One that really stood out to me though was when I got a comment from someone who was in the cast of BBC2’s sitcom The Wolvis Family (which is now not far short of its 30th anniversary). I didn’t expect that at all, it was a real surprise to me, and it’s difficult to describe the buzz that I got from that, it definitely made taking the time to watch that one worthwhile. Thank you, Honey!

I must admit that I don’t have many more plans for pieces at the moment. I have now got the vast majority of what I have wanted to share online, and I am pleased that it has been archived for people from across the world to read, with over 1,200 pieces available. I feel that I have dedicated enough of my time for now. There are about 35 more TV shows that I’d like to review, but there are currently no traces of them online, I might put a list on here soon, and see if there is anyone out there with any full episodes because it would be really useful.

I might do a few more pieces about pop music as well from the 80s and 90s, an area that I am always interested in discovering more about, and maybe some radio and computer games too, along with continuing on YouTube and Twitter. I shall just have to see how it goes. I’d like to finish off for now by saying thanks once again for your support throughout the year, it does mean a lot to me, and I hope that whatever you’re doing you and the people you know will have a Happy New Year.

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