More TV Memories – Bid Best Bits – Part 11.

Yet another great thing I remember Peter Simon used to do when I watched Bid TV (which would’ve had its 20th anniversary this month) was the handover. If a host’s shift was about to end, and Peter was scheduled to be next, they would often fear what he would do, and their responses would range from bemusement to horrified by his unpredictable antics. The way that Peter would interact with the other hosts was curious to say the least. Over the years he did a lot of handovers with a lot of hosts, here are some of my favourites.

Firstly, there was Andy Hodgson. Now Andy and Peter were the longest-serving hosts on Bid, and it’s a shame that neither of them went on to further successes, they’re both still stuck away late at night on various shopping channels. But it was clear that they had a right old laugh together, and Andy definitely held his own and gave as good as he got, asking “Uncle Peter” things like if he was good friends with old children’s TV hosts like Keith Chegwin. vlcsnap-00009

The best handover I recall between though was simply the exchange: “Peter, what was the name of that song you released?”. “Simple Simon Says”. “Was that the title of it, or just a general statement?”. “Ha-ha-ha-ha”. Lovely stuff. Yes, Peter really did release a single at the height of his fame. Can you believe it was it a flop? vlcsnap-00014

Peter also often liked to embarrass Mike Mason, but despite that, Mike thought he was great. Peter once said to Mike that he was feeling stiff, who replied “it’s rude to point”, before leaving the studio rather quickly. vlcsnap-00003

You could always expect something to happen when Peter was on after Sean Macintosh. Now young Sean wasn’t the tallest of people (I also remember when Greg Scott was on after Sean on Price-Drop and was trying to get rid of him, he did an amusing Freudian slip by saying “it’s time to grow” instead of “it’s time to go”), and Peter would start to give Sean a good slapping and say things like “now this boy can’t play golf because he always falls down the little hole” and “he used to be a traffic warden at Legoland”. vlcsnap-00010

He also once said to Sean about his singing “you’ve brought pleasure to the deaf”, and we mustn’t forget either Peter’s claim about Sean “there’s lead in the pencil but there’s nobody to write to”. How did he put up with it all. vlcsnap-00016

But best of all though were the handovers between Peter and Adam Freeman. He would often give him a fright. Whether it was doing terrible jokes together, hitting him with the gavel, pushing him off the podium, or practically flirting with him, something odd was always about to happen. Sometimes he went even further, by pushing a cake in Adam’s face on his birthday much to his surprise, or threatening to squirt him with a huge water pistol whilst cackling loudly. vlcsnap-00002

And we mustn’t forget the time that Peter pulled down Adam’s trousers and shouted at him “now I’m gonna COME at a bit of force”. Leave it at ‘ome. He probably still has nightmares about it. vlcsnap-00006

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