More TV Memories – Movies Games And Videos.

Movies Movies Movies (ITV, 1991-1992ish)/Movies Games And Videos (ITV, 1993ish-2003)

This is a show that has been classed by some as the ultimate in cheap daytime TV, but as it is remembered by many including myself, I might as well feature this one. The show started out in 1991 as Movies Movies Movies, although I don’t think it was related to the ITV Night Time show Cinema Cinema Cinema. This was simply a showcase for the latest films at the cinema, featuring a few promotional clips and interviews.

Around 1993, the show was retitled Movies Games And Videos, when it was expanded to feature films that were available to buy or rent on VHS, along with computer games (from the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo era, moving into the start of the Sony PlayStation era). I doubt that the analysis would’ve given anyone on Channel 4’s Moviewatch or CITV’s Bad Influence a run for their money though.

There was no in-vision host, everything was introduced by animated sequences (usually consisting of a roll of a film with a picture of a mouse or skull on it), accompanied by the cheery voiceover of Steve Priestley. There would also be a few other features including a look behind the scenes of films, news updates, charts, along with competitions where you had to answer a very easy question to win a prize.

I also remember that the captions for the films originally featured an animating BBFC symbol (sorry, that is probably the most boring observation that I have ever made on this blog, I can only apologise). Movies Games And Videos was usually shown on ITV on Saturday afternoons following The Chart Show for what seemed like years on end, although it varied from region to region. I think there was a late-night repeat sometimes too.

The show also had an unexpected moment in the spotlight in Christmas 1993 (which fell on a Saturday) when ITV rather famously practically gave up with the Christmas Day schedule, and they showed Movies Games And Videos in its usual afternoon slot as if it was any other Saturday. They didn’t try that again. There was also a short-lived spin-off magazine, but I don’t recall ever seeing it in the shop.

The show vanished off LWT around 1997, and I was very surprised when I discovered that some ITV regions contained to show Movies Games And Videos in various timeslots until as late as 2003. I feel as if I have missed out somewhat. After his time as host finally came to an end, Priestley then went off to the land of local radio and more voiceover work.


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