More TV Memories – Transformers.

Transformers (1984-1987)

I think that this is just about the final cartoon that I have to review. Of course there have been a huge amount of cartoons on TV throughout the decades, but I’m fairly sure that I have now shared all of the ones that were highlights for me when I was younger. Transformers was a cartoon that featured a lot of characters who would become famous for being “Robots In Disguise”.

This was a bold piece of fantasy and science-fiction even by the far-fetched standards of 80s cartoons that would go to any length to keep the viewers entertained. The show featured the planet Cybertron, where war has raged for a rather long time, between the various robots that lived there, including the Autobots and the Decepticons. The main ones were Optimus Prime and Megatron, who often fought against each other, alongside many others. vlcsnap-00693

Megatron is of course yet another one of those characters who is convinced that he will take over the universe (he is often heard to say “do as I command!”), and soon those puny humans will have no option but to bow before him! All of these robots also had rather weird voices, along with the ability to transform into various things, including cars, and many other vehicles, in just a few seconds, using the latest technology. Let’s hope they have enough batteries left. vlcsnap-00702

Transformers became more famous that most cartoons for its range of toys, they were very popular and often advertised. I can’t remember if I had any of them myself though, but I’m definitely certain that I would’ve wanted one or two (or five) if I had the chance. There were 98 episodes of the original version of Transformers in four series. vlcsnap-00696

Rather surprisingly, I don’t think that Transformers was ever shown on CBBC or CITV, the only place that you would’ve regularly seen the show in this country in the 80s was on TV-am, usually at the weekend as part of their children’s programming including Wide Awake Club. And there were also plenty of references to the show in Family Guy, I’m sure they were thrilled.vlcsnap-00697

Beyond the toys, there has been plenty of other merchandise, including computer games, and there have been many more cartoon series and films right up to the present, although the original version will always mean the most to me. Lots of episodes have been released on VHS and DVD too. It is remarkable to think that for about the price of a VHS that would’ve contained only two or three episodes in the 80s, you can now buy the whole series on DVD, how things have changed.

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