More TV Memories – The Krankies Elektronik Komik.

The Krankies Elektronik Komik (BBC1, 1985-1987)

Let’s have one final look back to the tape that my parents made for me when I was a very young boy back in the late-80s, featuring various shows. Among the highlights were Thomas The Tank Engine, Puddle Lane, The Benny Hill Show, and this one, and I’m sure you’ll agree that this tape has done more than most to make me the person that I am today. Well how do I describe this one?

The Krankies were a Scottish comedy double-act aimed at children consisting of Ian and Wee Jimmy, who was Ian’s, er, well I’m not sure really. They had appeared in various children’s shows including the long-running Crackerjack, along with being a regular fixture at the Children’s Royal Variety Performance. Then in 1982 they got a Saturday evening sketch show of their own on ITV called The Krankies Klub. vlcsnap-00542

Now I don’t remember that one myself, but it established their style, and included lots of fun that led to many viewers and critics at the time describing them as “fandabidozi”. They even went on to have a hit single. When this ended after two series, in 1985 they moved to the BBC for this Saturday evening show, with even more crazy sketches, and it was yet another example of a show that featured a “comic coming to life” format! vlcsnap-00546

Wee Jimmy was the very definition of the word “mischievous”, whatever that is, and often wore a Dennis The Menace Fan Club badge. I’m sure everyone at The Beano was very proud. Among the regular sketches was The Adventures Of Jimmy Burgermac, also taking part was Geoffrey Durham as The Great Soprendo to perform some magic tricks, and there was a musical interlude featuring some hot pop acts including Westworld. vlcsnap-00537

Other highlights included a parody of Doctor Who, and the show seemed to be introduced from a video shop for some reason. There were two series of The Krankies Elektronic Komik, after this ended, in 1989 they moved over to CITV to launch a new show called KTV. There doesn’t appear to be any of this online currently, so I’ll quickly sum it up here. vlcsnap-00541

Our duo were now running a TV station called Krankies Television, featuring lots of sketches, a chance to meet some more members of the family, along with some surprise celebrity guests. Well it definitely got the thumbs up from the young me. When this ended after three series in 1991, The Krankies had no further TV series of their own, but they have continued to be popular, going on to appear in several pantomimes and the like.

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