More TV Memories – You’ve Been Framed! board game.

You’ve Been Framed! board game (1994)

You’ve Been Framed! has now been going for 30 years on ITV, and it has become well-known for its “home video howlers”, but the peak of its popularity was in the 90s, when the host was Jeremy Beadle. So in 1994 the decision was made to turn the show into a board game. This would come with a 90-minute VHS, where Jeremy would host the game (not in the studio, but seemingly in his front room), explain how to play, and much more.

The game came with various things. Along with the actual board, there were lots of cards, dice, and so on (don’t drop them everywhere), and up to six players could take part. I don’t know how many people really did play the game along with the video, but it was designed to get the maximum entertainment out of the experience. Now I know a little about this, because I used to have the board game myself and remember watching the video. framed0001

First of all, are all of the pieces there? They include the Hee-Hee and Oh-No cards, plus the Fast Forward spinner, counters and camcorders. The basic idea was to roll the dice, go around the board, and the player who didn’t have a camcorder at the end was the winner. People would play the game while the You’ve Been Framed! theme played in the background, and I hope you like it, because you’re going to be hearing an awful lot of it. vlcsnap-00938

When the hooter went, it was time to stop playing, and Jeremy would give another instruction. He would also introduce the Comic Clips, and there 21 of these segments, all recycling videos that appeared on the show, and I am rather familiar with a lot of these because I was a regular viewer at the time, and even taped some editions. All these years on some of these are still rather amusing. vlcsnap-00929

Most of these segments were themed, and after they were shown, a question would then be asked about what happened, so everyone had to be closely observing, as they had 15 seconds to answer. The idea behind the Fast Forward part was that players would spin the wheel to determine a double-digit amount of spaces that they could move, and again there was a clock on this. vlcsnap-00939

Wherever would people land? Would everyone be able to keep up with the pace? At the end, the player who didn’t have a camcorder was declared as the winner. If you didn’t win though, it didn’t matter too much, because you could start again and play the game as many times as you wanted, meaning, as Jeremy always said, next time, the star of the show, could be you.


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