More TV Memories – Noel’s Telly Years.

Noel’s Telly Years (BBC1, 1996-1997)

Noel Edmonds has hosted a lot of TV shows over the years, and for every success in the 80s and 90s, there were a couple of shows that were less remembered. In the 80s, there was Telly Addicts, but there were also The Time Of Your Life (a little like This Is Your Life if it concentrated on a single year instead of a famous person) comedy prank game thing Whatever Next, and the unsuccessful trip to America that I reviewed recently. In the 90s, along with Noel’s House Party, there were also Noel’s Addicts (a show that I have no memory of at all rather oddly, although it seems I didn’t miss much), and this one.

Noel’s Telly Years focused on a different year in every edition, ranging from the late-50s to the late-80s. There was also a testcard-themed opening sequence, maybe not very original, but a clue that this was going to be half-an-hour of unashamed nostalgia. Noel (wearing a typically horrible sweater) would be joined by some celebrity guests who made the headlines in the year featured, whether they were pop stars, TV personalities, sportspeople, and so on. Find out if Noddy Holder can remember anything about 1972. vlcsnap-01053

They would also be asked various questions about what happened in the year, such as taking a trip in the TV Time Tunnel, where various clips were pulled out of the archive, and there was also a True Or False round. There would also be a few adverts featured as well, that could now be seen as rather embarrassing. At least they won’t be featuring the Brush-O-Matic again… oh no!!


This is ridiculous now… how many more times?

Although there were a few rounds with points on offer, I wouldn’t really class this as a game show as such, I suppose it can be best described as a cross between The Time Of Your Life and Telly Addicts. There were two series of Noel’s Telly Years, and the second one had a slightly different format, as a few comedians who weren’t necessarily famous in the year featured contributed, and any show that gets Tim Vine and Bradley Walsh involved can’t be all bad. vlcsnap-01051

The only other show that I can remember Noel hosting on the BBC in the 90s after Noel’s House Party ended was The World Of The Secret Camera, which was just laughing at some old pranks, before he dropped off the scene altogether for the next five years or so. As for Noel’s Telly Years, it wasn’t too bad, and I enjoyed it more than other old TV games such as As Seen On TV and Show Me The Telly or whatever it was called.

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