Game Show Memories – Music Match.

Music Match (BBC1, 1987)

This is another one that I don’t actually remember watching that much at the time, but as I am always interested in finding game shows from this era to feature, and I have managed to track down a full edition online, I felt that it was worth reviewing. Music Match was a daytime game show (described as “light-hearted”) that was hosted by Barry Cryer, who knows a thing or two about making great comedy shows.

Two teams of three took part, one all-male, and one all-female. The male team was captained by Willie Rushton (who was also a panellist along with Barry on I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue), and the female team was captained by Liza Goddard (seemingly having a day off from Give Us A Clue). Teams had to identify famous songs from different genres in various rounds (they weren’t encouraged to sing though), don’t get it mixed up with Name That Tune. vlcsnap-00607

They would be helped in this by there being a band in the studio fronted by Laurie Holloway with various instruments on standby. The first round was Connections. Two songs are played that have a connection in some way. Buzz in and get it right on the first song for two points, and on the second song for one point. Round two was Cartoon Time. A picture that represents a song is slowly zoomed out, two points for a correct answer. vlcsnap-00644

Round three is Misfits. A medley of five songs is played, and the misfit must be found, and the reason also given for why it’s the misfit for four points, or two points if it has to be passed to the other team. Round four is Lyrics, simply guess the song from some lyrics, for two points. There was some amusement here as Barry had some trouble reading the sometimes rather complicated words. vlcsnap-00611

Round five is Think The Link, where four songs are played, but the sooner you buzz in and find the link, the more points are scored, going from four points for getting it on the first clue, down to one on the last. The final round is Music Matters. Two questions are asked about a song on the buzzer for two points. At the end, the winning team is declared, but it seems that there were no prizes on offer. vlcsnap-00650

There was only one series of Music Match, which was shown weekly, just after BBC1 had relaunched their daytime schedule and presumably wanted a game show or two to put in the slot. Later in 1987, rather curiously some editions were repeated in a primetime slot, although they were shown at the same time that Coronation Street was on ITV, so it probably got fewer viewers than it did when it was in the afternoon.

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