CBBC Memories – Thundercats.

Thundercats (1985-1989)

This is a cartoon that was shown rather often on CBBC, and it was one of the more popular ones for a while. Thundercats was another show that contained a lot of fantasy and action, along with many memorable characters. “Thundercats are loose!” according to the opening theme music, which is good to know. Some shows promise their viewers an adventure, and this one definitely delivered on that.

The show featured various half-human/half-feline alien characters, and they all had a look that was very distinctive. The story begins when their home planet Thundra is destroyed, and they all need to find a new place to live, while trying to keep the ideals that they were raised on alive. After much travelling, they eventually settle on Third Earth where they meet all kinds of creatures, but they also visit many other places. vlcsnap-00980

All these years on the characters are still rather familiar. There’s Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthero, Snarf, Cheetara, and many others. And it’s rather clever how they can all talk as well isn’t it. They always run into enemies though, especially the likes of the Mutants. If this ever happens, and they really end up in a tight spot, Lion-O simply gets out his trusty Sword Of Omens and says “Thundercats, Ho!”, which often helps. Of course, their enemies wouldn’t mind getting their hands on this sword.vlcsnap-00982

Thundercats was first shown on CBBC in 1987, and episodes regularly appeared in the afternoon strand for the next few years. There were a lot of cartoons on TV at this time, all trying to get people’s attention with their bizarre ideas, but I do still remember that this one still stood out more than most, and it became popular with lots of viewers, including myself. vlcsnap-00981

There were 130 episodes of Thundercats over four years. There was also a huge amount of merchandise, including action figures, comics, computer games, and so on, the fans were definitely well served with this one. The show was repeated until 1994, although by that point it had fallen out of favour a little and was usually only seen in a very early-morning slot on BBC2. Good news for any children who get up about three hours before they have to go to school I suppose. vlcsnap-00986

The memory of the show was lingered though, and there have even been films, and in more recent years there has been a revival series. All of the episodes have been released in a DVD boxset containing 24 discs no less, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get this one. I am pleased that this is one of the cartoons I remember that I own in full. It would take about two days to watch all the episodes from start to finish though!


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