CBBC Memories – Chute.

Chute (CBBC, 2007)

Following on from Sorry, I’ve Got No Head that I reviewed recently, this is just about the only other CBBC show that I remember from the late-2000s. One of the reasons that I was interested in watching it was because it was another show that made use of the archive and it contained lots of amusing moments. The producer was Steve Ryde who had worked on lots of great children’s TV shows over the past two decades so that was a hint that this should be a good one.

Chute was hosted by Ross Lee (not to be confused with Lee Ross who was in Press Gang), who had appeared on TV a few times before (including on Noel’s House Party about a decade before this), and he had what could be called a rather zany presenting style. The show came from a rubbish tip somewhere underneath BBC Television Centre that had about 83,000 dusty old videotapes scattered over the floor (a little like my bedroom really). vlcsnap-00740

Ross introduced various archive clips, including unusual news reports, strange sports, sketches from comedy shows including Shooting Stars, out-takes, The Flashing Blade from On The Waterfrontsome of the earliest examples of internet clips that went viral, and lots of daft moments from old CBBC shows (unsurprisingly Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow turned up a lot here). You just didn’t know what would feature next. vlcsnap-00742

Ross also liked to pass the time by doing various things including some tuneless keyboard playing, the lights would sometimes go out, and when they came back on Ross would be caught doing something rather odd, and it was rumoured that there was a monster lurking around, but nobody ever seemed to see it. Ross would also be joined by celebrity guests (most of them rather conveniently also had a show on the go on CBBC at the time) including The Chuckle Brothers and Dick And Dom themselves, which of course was a lot of fun. vlcsnap-00743

I do remember enjoying Chute, and I was rather surprised to discover that there was only one series that had 13 editions. There should’ve been lots more. With one of the highlights being Ross’s rather bizarre presenting style, I was sure that he would go on to further success and deservedly become a big name. But I barely recall seeing him on TV since, which is rather disappointing, he should’ve had much more success. I think he was a guest on Quizmania once but that’s but it really. Maybe he’s still stuck down there.


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