CBBC Memories – Sorry, I’ve Got No Head.

Sorry, I’ve Got No Head (CBBC, 2008-2011)

A while ago I reviewed the CBBC comedy sketch show Stupid, and I was very surprised at how successful it was. Clearly many other people enjoyed it as it’s among my most-viewed pieces (and I have now done over 1,000). So I thought that it might be a good idea to look back at a show with a similar idea that launched a few years later. I had stopped watching the CBBC Channel regularly by this point as I was about 25, but I made an exception for this one, so it’s just about the only CBBC show that I’m familiar with from the late-2000s.

I’m fairly sure that Sorry, I’ve Got No Head has no connection to Stupid, but it does have the same idea of featuring various characters who all aimed to be as silly as possible. There were about a dozen regular cast members who were all adults, including James Bachman, UK Garage fan Marcus Brigstocke (who was also in the first series of Stupid), that bloke who was in We Are Klang or whatever they were called, and Mel Giedroyc (I don’t know where Sue Perkins was), plus a long list of writers. vlcsnap-00695

There were lots of regular characters, including Jasmine and Prudith, who seemed to think that everything was worth a thousand pounds, the Fearsome Vikings, Embarrassed Louise, a boy who has a time machine and always discovers something unexpected, Emily and Monty Forrest who audition for stage shows and fail, sitcom parody At Home With The Dung Beetles, and a school in a remote part of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides that had only one teacher and one pupil. vlcsnap-00726

The show got its unusual title from the character Headless Bill, who would always get into some rather awkward social situations and knock things over, and then try and excuse it by saying, “sorry, I’ve got no head”. Unlike Stupid, there was no link between the sketches, everyone just appeared to do their thing, and then go off again until next time, the show was made on location and there was no laughter track either. A lot of the sketches were definitely up to the standard of Stupid. vlcsnap-00736

There were 39 episodes of Sorry, I’ve Got No Head in three series. Such is the way that TV channels work now, it was repeated rather regularly on the CBBC Channel for a few years after it ended. I don’t think that there was ever a DVD release though. One of the sketches that featured some computer game characters received a spin-off series called Pixelface, but I don’t remember watching that one much.


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