CITV Memories – Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers.

Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers (1989-1990)

As I have said before, I wasn’t as big a fan of the cartoons produced by Disney as I am of others, but there are a few that I liked, including Duck Tales and Tale Spin, and this is one of them that often filled an afternoon during CITV in the early-90s. Chip ‘N’ Dale are a pair of animated chipmunk brothers who appeared in their first cartoon as long ago as 1943. It seems that over five decades later it was decided that it was time to give them their own show.

Now of course you can never have enough cartoons about chipmunks and their high-pitched voices, but I’m fairly sure that this pair were no relation to Alvin. Their new show contained plenty of action and adventure, because Chip ‘N’ Dale were now detectives, and they lived in a tree where they ran an agency called Rescue Rangers. No job was too big for them… or too small. vlcsnap-00598

Chip wore a fedora and bomber jacket and was the more serious of the pair. Dale wore a shirt similar to Quagmire’s in Family Guy, liked chocolate and was much sillier. They were often accompanied by Monterey Jack, a red-haired mouse with a big moustache, and he would eat any type of cheese that he could get his hands on, however troublesome it was (and he also had a rather bizarre accent, it was supposed to be Australian). His friend was Zipper the fly. vlcsnap-00592

There was also Gadget Hackwrench, a young blonde female mouse who was an inventor. It seems that both Chip ‘N’ Dale might’ve been rather fond of her as they would come over rather shy and embarrassed when having to help her. They would all travel around the world in their plane, hoping to solve mysteries and come to the rescue, and they usually helped out various talking animals. vlcsnap-00580

There were also a few regular villains. They were Fat Cat and scientist Norton Nimnul, and they would often have a lot of run-ins with our team. Would they always track down the right clues and save the day though? You can probably guess the answer to that one. There were 65 episodes of Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers in three series, and some stories were played out over five episodes. vlcsnap-00596

As well as being shown on CITV (along with various other channels), as always, there was plenty of merchandise, including some computer games, tapes, and comics. And then, about three decades on from this, Chip ‘N’ Dale returned once again for more stories that were closer in style to the original run of cartoons called Nutty Tales, where this time they were computer-animated.

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