More TV Memories – Aaahh! Real Monsters!

Aaahh! Real Monsters! (Nickelodeon, 1994-1997)

This is yet another cartoon I remember from the 90s that was originally shown on Nickelodeon. Now I know that it is rather easy for TV shows to be given silly titles so they can stand out in magazines to viewers, but the title of this one really did attract my attention and make me want to watch. This is because the show made someone go “Aaahh!“, as it contained not just “Monsters” but “REAL Monsters“, would you believe it, I must see this!

The show did indeed contain plenty of odd-looking monsters, and centred around three, who were even weirder than the ones you’d find on a bag of Monster Munch. They were Ickis, who was red with lots of teeth and was able to increase in size, Krumm, who was orange and had nowhere for his eyes on his face so he had to hold them with his hands and he would eat everything and was also rather smelly, and Oblina, who was black-and-white, had a rather big red mouth and could change shape. vlcsnap-00231

They, along with many others, would attend a school where the headmaster was the rather grumpy The Gromble, who would teach them about the best ways to scare people. We soon realise that attending school is tough, even if you’re a young monster. The show was set in New York City, and when the monsters weren’t underground or on the dump, they were doing their best to unexpectedly enter a house and give everyone a fright. vlcsnap-00332

There weren’t many human characters in the show, but the ones that did appear mostly consisted of children who have just about got over their fear of the dark and fail to convince their parents that there really is a monster under their bed this time. Along with the regulars, lots of other monsters appeared (including the trio’s parents), whether they were young, old, big, or small, what they all had in common was trying to scare everyone. vlcsnap-00398

Again, plenty of voices in the show were provided by Charlie Alder (from Cow And Chicken and many others) and a lot of the monster designs were very creative. There were 52 episodes of Aaahh! Real Monsters! in four series. Some contained one story, and some contained two. Another notable thing about the title is that it has the honour of being first on the alphabetical list of shows that I’ve reviewed, they must be really pleased. vlcsnap-00403

This is another cartoon that I don’t think was ever shown on CBBC or CITV, it was often on Channel 4 as part of their weekend morning strand in the mid-90s. Among the merchandise was a computer game, along with some tapes. It didn’t go on to be as successful as some of Nickelodeon’s other cartoons such as Rugrats (which the monsters guest appeared in), but it was still very enjoyable and amusing.


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