More TV Memories – I Am Weasel.

I Am Weasel (1997-2000)

This is a look back at yet another show that I discovered on Cartoon Network. I’m fairly sure that this is the last one that I have to review that I discovered on that channel. So I don’t get another chance for now, I hope that you’ve realised just how fond I was of watching Cartoon Network (I think I watched it even more than Nickelodeon which I also enjoyed a lot around the same time) and there are so many great shows that I was introduced to that I have enjoyed sharing memories of on here.

And this show has a good claim to being the noisiest and craziest of them all. The opening theme to I Am Weasel sounds very similar to “Pop Goes The Weasel” which shouldn’t be that much of a surprise really. The show centred around the adventures of I M Weasel, who was very clever and became something of a superhero to people. He was skilled in a wide variety of abilities, and he also had a really nice voice. vlcsnap-00149

His main rival was I R Baboon, who was the opposite really, being rather daft and causing lots of problems for everyone. He would also begin lots of sentences with “I are…”. Also among the cast are The Red Guy, who appears from the second series and eventually overtakes I R Baboon as the main rival, along with Loulabelle, Jolly Roger, and Admiral Bullets. vlcsnap-00136

I Am Weasel was created by the same team as Cow And Chicken, which was the only cartoon that could match this one for craziness. Also making some appearances were the cast from that show, including Cow and Chicken themselves, and also Flem and Earl. The show features some rather bizarre ideas, which were accompanied by the stranger end of various sound effects. vlcsnap-00153

I Am Weasel was another cartoon that featured contributions from Seth MacFarlane. Even Poopy Face Tomato Nose from Family Guy seems a straightforward character compared to this show. There were 79 episodes in five series, and most of them were only about eight minutes long as they shown as part of Cow And Chicken. It was definitely one of the more popular shows on Cartoon Network, but I don’t think it was ever shown on CBBC, CITV, or anywhere else like that. vlcsnap-00155

And as always, some episodes have been released on VHS, but there haven’t been that many released on DVD. Once again, it gives me the opportunity to express my surprise at just how few shows from this era seem to be available to watch or buy in full, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate in buying them, and I’m sure that many other people would like to as well.


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