More TV Memories – The Powerpuff Girls.

The Powerpuff Girls (1998-2005)

This is a look back at yet another great show that was on Cartoon Network, how terrific. This was one that contained a lot of action and adventure. We begin with the scientist Professor Utonium who is working in his laboratory one day to try and create the perfect girl. He has got the sugar and spice, but he accidentally adds the Chemical X… and this leads to the creation of The Powerpuff Girls! vlcsnap-00803

They were a trio of young female superheroes who had various abilities including being able to fly, super speed, X-ray vision, and much more. They were Blossom the pink one (with brown hair) who is the leader, Bubbles the blue one (with blonde hair) who is the funniest, and Buttercup the green one (with black hair) who is the toughest. The Professor looks after them. Their look was also rather distinctive and minimal. They’ve got no nose. How do they smell? vlcsnap-00812

The show is set in the fictional city of Townsville, which was once rather sleepy, but it has now been overrun by various monsters and aliens. Who can come to the rescue when all of this happens? Well you can probably guess. They are often contacted by the mayor when chaos is being caused. The main villains in the show are Mojo Jojo and Him, who are always up to something rather naughty, including creating a male equivalent called The Rowdyruff Boys. vlcsnap-00813

Also featuring is the narrator (voiced by Tom “SpongeBob” Kenny) who breathlessly updates the viewers as the action unfolds and often gets a little too involved. Most episodes end with his announcement “once again, the day is saved, thanks to… The Powerpuff Girls!”. Another good thing about the show is that the closing theme was performed by famous for five minutes Indiepop band Bis, so that’s really great isn’t it. vlcsnap-00807

There were 78 episodes of The Powerpuff Girls in six series. Again, of most these consisted of two separate stories, and there were 136 in total. This was one of the more successful shows on Cartoon Network, and it did well enough to be given the honour (and it was an honour I’m sure) of appearing on the cover of the OnDigital magazine one month in 1999. I hope Johnny Bravo wasn’t jealous.powerpuff0001

I think the show might have also been on CITV for a while. The Powerpuff Girls did well enough for there to be several specials, and there was more merchandise than most shows. Along with the usual tapes and DVDs, there were books, comics, games, toys, and much more. It’s definitely a show that it still fondly remembered by many two decades on, and proof once again at how enjoyable Cartoon Network was to watch in this era.


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