Game Show Memories – Sounds Like Music.

Sounds Like Music (ITV, 1989-1990)

This is another daytime game show that I don’t remember watching at the time, but having seen an edition online, and because it’s another one from the late-80s featuring some fancy scoreboards and too many flashing lights, it’s worth featuring here. The first notable thing about Sounds Like Music is that it is the first game show that I have reviewed that was a TSW Production for ITV.

Although when you consider their few other game show contributions to the network included Amoebas To Zebras and That’s My Dog, that’s probably not that much of surprise really. Sounds Like Music was hosted by Bobby Crush, who had found fame as a pianist (and also played on the opening theme). It was a chance to test the knowledge of stage and screen musicals from the 20th century. Who remembers all those great performances.vlcsnap-00477

Three contestants took part. In the first round, there were some songs from musicals played, and then there would be a few questions about them on the buzzer for one point each. The next round featured two questions being asked, followed by a third that connected them. Again, there was one point on offer. Then there’s the mystery guest. A piece of music is played, and it has to be guessed. Getting it right gives them a chance to guess who the celebrity is. vlcsnap-00478

If they don’t know, more of the picture is revealed, until someone finally gets it right. Once the celebrity is revealed, a bonus question is asked about them. Again, all correct answers are worth one point (how stingy). The lowest-scoring contestant is eliminated, and they take away the consolation prize of a framed poster that should take pride of place in their living room, that’s for sure. vlcsnap-00476

After the break, the two remaining contestants have to guess more musicals on the buzzer, as always, for one point. And there’s the quickfire round in the final chance to score some points. Again, the eliminated contestant gets a poster, plus a choice of some musicals on vinyl and CD. The finalist goes through to the excitement of the Fabulous Five Jackpot. vlcsnap-00485

In this, they have to identify five songs from various musicals in 30 seconds. For each one they get right, they win £50, meaning a top prize of £250 is on offer. They can also play for a night out in London’s West End to see the stars for themselves. Don’t forget to give everyone a wave during the credits. There were 48 editions of Sounds Like Music in two series that were usually shown around 3pm. It was definitely one of TSW’s fancier moments. slm1


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