Game Show Memories – We Love TV.

We Love TV (ITV, 1984-1986)

This is yet another game show that I don’t remember watching at the time, but I thought that I would give it a go because it is all about the subject of TV, so it can’t be all bad, can it? As I am always going on about nostalgia, there could be a good amount of it here. This was another LWT Production that aimed to start the weekend, so how would it compare to the likes of their other 80s game show productions Child’s Play and Punchlines?

We Love TV was hosted by Gloria Hunniford and had some memorable theme music. Every week, two teams of two took part, including ordinary viewers alongside some celebrities. So if you’re lucky, you could be on the same team as the likes of Leslie Crowther (having a day off from The Price Is Right). So the idea was really who knows more about television, those who watch it, or those who appear on it? Now we can finally find out. The set design was rather odd though, with clashes of greens and pinks everywhere. vlcsnap-00440

There were all different types of TV genres covered including soaps (and adverts too), and the archive was raided to try and bring back as many memories as possible. There were various rounds, and then questions would be asked on the buzzer (or “ding-a-lings” as Gloria called them) for five points. There would also be a few bonus questions on offer for ten points, so it was worth going for those. vlcsnap-00478

And going in and out of the break there was also a question for the viewers to think about, along with a few of those “before they were famous” moments where contestants had to guess the future star. There was also a round that was similar to Mastermind, well it was just about exactly the same really, with even the same piece of music being used as contestants took to the black chair to be asked some more questions on TV against the clock. Whoever got the highest score in this round got a bonus ten points. vlcsnap-00504

Although there was a winner, both contestants went away with a prize of a TV, which that much of a surprise really. There were three series of We Love TV on Friday nights, but the show was quickly overshadowed by BBC1’s Telly Addicts, which launched a year later but had a similar idea and was much more successful, meaning that this one was soon forgotten by comparison.

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