More TV Memories – In Bed With Medinner.

In Bed With Medinner (ITV, 1992-1997)/Still In Bed With Medinner (ITV, 1998-1999)

This is a late-night comedy show that was hosted by Bob Mills (you might remember when I told the story about the time that I was in the studio audience for one of his TV shows, but it wasn’t this one). The idea of In Bed With Medinner was to look back at some of the more unusual moments in TV history, and this was long before Harry Hill’s TV Burp. The opening sequence originally parodied The Prisoner.

The show began with a few one-off editions (I’m not sure if it was only shown in the LWT region at this point?), which Bob would present from his flat (although somehow he was able to fit a studio audience and camera crew into his front room). Bob would sit there with his VCR and comment on some of the bizarre clips. There would also be a few sketches where Bob would wander around London making some more quirky observations, and bands including The Buzzcocks would perform some of their hit singles. vlcsnap-00073

In 1994 (around the same time Bob hosted Games World on Sky One), there was a spin-off special called World Cup Heroes And Villains, where after England had failed to qualify for that year’s tournament, Bob looked back at some classic football moments. Around the same time, Bob also hosted There’s Only One Brian Moore, another late-night LWT show that took a Fantasy Football League-style look through the sporting archive. vlcsnap-00067

Following a few more editions (some of which were extended to an hour), a special compilation of the highlights from the first two series was released on VHS called Wot A Palaver. Then for the final (and re-titled) series, the opening sequence now parodied The Avengers, with Bob playing both the male and female characters, which was a memorable sight. vlcsnap-00065

Some of the more memorable moments that Bob had unearthed from the archive to comment on included LWT’s live 21st anniversary special show which descended into disarray, Chris Searle having a mishap at an Underground station, and also turning out to be a rich source of material were those Disco Dancing Championship shows that took place in the late-70s/early-80s. vlcsnap-00079

Around the time Still In Bed With Medinner ended, Bob went on to host a few other shows including game show Win, Lose Or Draw, which included the excitement of Waistcoat Wednesday, along with turning up on a few panel games where he was always good value. He also co-wrote some sitcoms including Bob Martin (that I reviewed a while back), and in more recent years he has hosted shows on various radio stations where he continued to offer his wit.

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