CBBC Memories – Pigeon Street.

Pigeon Street (CBBC, 1981)

This is yet another show that I remember watching as part of the See-Saw afternoon strand (although it would eventually be shown on the main CBBC afternoon strand during a repeat run), and this one was among my favourites! The first thing that is notable about Pigeon Street is that it had a very distinctive animation style (the same company also went on to produce animated sequences for other children’s TV shows including Rosie And Jim).

It wasn’t a cartoon that was animated in the usual style, it was stop-motion, but using 2D cut-out pictures, and these would be moved frame-by-frame. This meant that the way the characters walked around was very odd, but it definitely made the show stand out. Also, the characters never actually spoke, all of their stories were told by George Layton who also appeared in a lot of sitcoms and other TV shows around this time. vlcsnap-00258

The show was set on a street, and was based around the variety of people would lived in a block of flats there. Most episodes would mostly concentrate on only one or two characters, but there were lots of them who regularly appeared. And of course, as all of this unfolded, there would be plenty of pigeons watching on with various expressions. They just get everywhere, don’t they.


A pigeon, yesterday.

The characters that we met included Mr Jupiter and his telescope, Daisy and Rosie who are next-door neighbours, Mr Macadoo the pet shop owner, and the twins Molly and Polly. The show also featured some great music, I’m not sure if any of it was released on an album, but if not, it should’ve been. There were 13 episodes of Pigeon Street made (it seems that a lot of children’s shows from this era only ran for that number of episodes) and they were all 15 minutes long. vlcsnap-00331

They were first shown in 1981, long before I came along, but they were repeated often, and I think I saw them for the first time in the late-80s, although they were repeated on BBC1 as late as 1993, over a decade after they were made, and they were shown in several other countries too. Once again, it’s good to know that lots of the episodes have been released on VHS and DVD, and there were also lots of books released, along with some annuals. I don’t remember having any of these though, but they look good. There have also been rumours of a revival in more recent years, but this hasn’t happened.

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