CBBC Memories – Postman Pat.

Postman Pat (CBBC, 1981-1982)

When I began this blog (almost five years ago now!), I planned to share some memories of children’s TV shows that I enjoyed watching, however popular or forgotten they were. As long as I liked them, that was enough to feature them here. And there’s no doubt that this show falls into the more popular and enduring category with viewers, so there isn’t much I can add that hasn’t already been said, but I thought I might as well do this one to reveal that I am a fan too.

Postman Pat was another stop-motion animation series, and it was created and written by John Cunliffe, who would later become known for hosting the early series of CITV’s Rosie And Jim with his two blue pens. I did notice that the animation style was rather similar to later shows that appeared on CBBC including Fireman Sam, such as the character’s mouths not actually moving when they spoke. Every episode was 15 minutes long. vlcsnap-00620

Postman Pat was set in the small and rather picturesque village of Greendale, where Pat (and not forgetting his black and white cat Jess) would drive round in his van, and give letters to the villagers. These included such characters as the postmistress Mrs Goggins, Alf the farmer, and Reverend Timms, and as he was very friendly they all considered Pat to be the Postman Of The Year. What a lucky man. vlcsnap-00622

To give some indication of how popular the show became, not only was a single of the theme music released (performed by Ken Barrie, who also voiced Pat), but it actually made the chart, reaching No. 44. I know that might not be that high a position, but it’s still a lot better than what most TV themes achieved. There were also plenty of tapes and books released that were a success too, and episodes have been shown around the world.  vlcsnap-00586

I was rather surprised when I realised that only 13 episodes of Postman Pat were made in the 80s, because it was shown so frequently, usually as part of the See-Saw strand, but also as part of the main CBBC afternoon strand. I remember having the weekly comic that ran for a few years, and the annuals as well (and I’m sure I still have some of these somewhere). vlcsnap-00648

From the 90s onward, there would be lots more episodes made, but the first series is the one that will always mean the most to me. There have now been almost 200 episodes made, along with a film, and most of the episodes made in more recent years (that have been shown on CBeebies) have been computer-generated (with many more people providing the voices), and all of the cast’s mouths now move, which must be a relief to a lot of them.

2 thoughts on “CBBC Memories – Postman Pat.

  1. So pleased to see you feature this. Postman Pat is one of the best children’s TV shows ever made, full of interesting characters and sometimes quite offbeat stories. It has a charm that has seldom been imitated. I was lucky I got to watch the original series with my eldest two kids and then the youngest who was into Pat’s Special Delivery Service. I love the episode with the song ‘Jess The cat’, and the one when Ted Glenn does a singing turn with ‘Leave It With me’, but honestly there are so many magical moments to be found in all the episodes.


  2. Michael says:

    I like Postman Pat because it features the voices of Ken Barrie who died on 29 July 2016.

    Also, Postman Pat’s Big Video which was released in 1988 and features the episodes Postman Pat’s Rainy Day, Postman Pat’s Tractor Express, Postman Pat’s Birthday and Postman Pat Takes A Message is the only Postman Pat VHS to feature the BBC Video 1988 ident as well as the first VHS to feature the 1986 slanted BBC logo on the spine cover BTW.


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