More TV Memories – Sesame Street.

Sesame Street (1969-present)

This is a show that this month has its 50th anniversary, which I felt was enough of an excuse to finally feature it here. Sesame Street is a very popular and long-running show for children, although I’m fairly sure that it’s never been shown as part of CBBC and CITV in this country. The place that I remember watching the show was on Channel 4 in the afternoon.

This was in the early-90s, by which point I had long since grasped a lot of what the show was trying to communicate to viewers, but as I enjoyed it, I continued to watch as it had a great range of bizarre puppet characters. Sesame Street is a show that has always aimed to make things like learning the alphabet entertaining and fun, and it was definitely the best use of letters and numbers on Channel 4 beyond Countdownvlcsnap-00024

Every hour-long edition (all thanks to the hardworking Children’s Television Workshop) would be based around a couple of letters and a number, and would also begin by revealing what number edition it was, and by the time I watched this was well into four figures. Among the most famous characters is Big Bird, but there are many others, including Elmo, Grover, Oscar The Grouch, and Telly. And as for Mr Snuffleupagus! vlcsnap-00148

Also among the highlights were Ernie And Bert who often liked to bicker with each other (and Ernie was also rather fond of his rubber duck), Kermit The Frog (who would also go on to star in The Muppet Show) with the important newsflashes, and The Count, who was very eager to help us out with numbers. And there was also Cookie Monster, who would eat cookies and anything else, who one day did a rather spectacular song about why it is good to eat healthy food that is rather hard to forget. vlcsnap-00042

Along with all of this, there were also lots of animated features that were repeated rather frequently. I know that people will have their personal favourites, but among mine was the typewriter that had the magic ability to press its own buttons. There have been lots of variations of Sesame Street around the world, and there was even a song based on the theme that was a big hit single in the UK in 1992! vlcsnap-00003

After leaving Channel 4, the show moved to various children’s channels including Nick Jr. There has also been some merchandise, including tapes and a comic, featuring all the usual characters, but I don’t remember having any of those myself. There is no doubt that half a century on, Sesame Street has been much enjoyed by many generations of children, even if it has probably left most of them thinking that typewriters can talk.


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