More TV Memories – Not Another Awards Show.

Not Another Awards Show (BBC1, 1999)

For a while around the late-90s/early-2000s, BBC1 showed some comedy compilation shows that looked back at some unusual moments, usually sub-Auntie’s Bloomers mishaps. Another thing that they all seemed to have in common was that they were shown rather late at night, usually long after they were actually made. I have already looked at an example of one of these in TV’s Finest Failures, and now, here’s another one.

The reason I have decided to look back this one is because I still have the newspaper review from the time, so clearly I must have had some interest in this show. The host of Not Another Awards Show was Angus Deayton, who along with Have I Got News For You also hosted Before They Were Famous, arguably the most popular of these type of shows from this era. vlcsnap-00102

It seems that the show was part of an occasional series, as Deayton also hosted Not Another Eurovision a while later that was in a similar style, along with Not Another News Bulletin, and Not Another Game Show. This was simply a look back at televised awards ceremonies, that were usually shown live, which meant that there was a large amount of possibility for mistakes to happen. vlcsnap-00106

Most of the clips though were rather recycled, and some of the usual ones turned up, including inevitably the 1989 Brit Awards, and I think the show must’ve set a world record as it was barely three minutes before “you don’t look like ’em, George!” turned up, although of course the show was famously under-rehearsed and badly organised. However, there were also some clips from the following year’s Brits, which didn’t fare much better really. vlcsnap-00145

Other things featured on the show included rather bad presenting, orchestras coming in at the wrong point, bizarre intervals such as dance routines, people having their acceptance speeches cut off, being unable to open envelopes, applause all the time by people who might’ve had one too many, and much more. Deayton clearly relished mocking all these things, even though around this time he was hosting various award ceremonies himself where his jokes went down rather awkwardly. vlcsnap-00141

Another over-familiar clip was the sign falling down behind Jack Nicklaus on a live awards show, which drew some criticism in the newspaper review, “it’s been shown so many times over the past 15 years that I’m surprised the videotape doesn’t crumble as it passes over the heads”. The show concluded by taking a closer look at embarrassing acceptance speeches, where everyone from the director to their dog was thanked by the winner. vlcsnap-00091

They claimed that one speech went on for so long that they left it, had a caption that said “three hours later”, and rejoined it, seeming to insist that by now the studio audience had grown long beards, fallen asleep and become covered in cobwebs. Well I feel that they might be exaggerating just a little there. I might take a look at more of these type of shows soon, including Before They Were Famousangus0001

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