Game Show Memories – Family Catchphrase Celebrity Special.

Family Catchphrase Celebrity Special (The Family Channel, 1993)

Recently, I put together a list of TV shows that I still want to review for this blog, and it came to about 250, so there are definitely lots more nostalgic memories to come yet. And then of course while I’m deciding which one to choose from the list, I spot something online I like the look of that I haven’t written down and decide to review that instead, so they’ll have to wait for now.

Now it’s well established that I am a fan of game shows, but I have reviewed just about all of the ones that I remember watching, so here is a variation of one that I have already looked back at because I just couldn’t resist. And also, it’s a Christmas special. Now I know it’s still a long way off yet, but with all the Christmas-themed adverts and films already on TV you wouldn’t think so, and I’d rather not wait until December to share it.

I have already reviewed Family Catchphrase, the spin-off game show on The Family Channel (that evolved into Challenge) hosted by Andrew O’Connor, who I always enjoyed watching on TV. And this one is a celebrity special (celebrity editions of Catchphrase? What will they think of next?). But it’s the contestants who take part that really caught my eye (and thanks to “TVSProductions82” for uploading this). vlcsnap-00941

The show begins with the opening sequence introduced in 1986, and it must be Christmas, as there’s a tree, and Andrew has his best waistcoat on. The celebrity teams are Bob Holness and his daughter Carol, against Johnny Ball and his daughter Zoe. Now Bob of course was the host of Blockbusters for over a decade, and he also appeared on a celebrity special of the main version of Catchphrase hosted by Roy Walker. Will he able to solve the clues on this show? vlcsnap-00979

As I’m sure people know, two of Bob’s daughters also had hit singles in the 80s. One of them was as a member of Toto Coelo (of “I Eat Cannibals” fame that made the Top Ten), and the other was by his teammate Carol, under the name Nancy Nova, who had a hit with “No No No” which reached a sensational No. 63 in September 1982. Now I’ve not heard this song myself, I suppose I should check it out. vlcsnap-00980

Johnny’s daughter Zoe was starting out as a TV presenter at this time, having been on CBBC for about a year, which Andrew likes to make lots of jokes about. Johnny hosted lots of children’s TV shows (I remember enjoying Johnny Ball Reveals All on CITV), while Zoe would go on to further success including becoming the host of the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show. Andrew later starts going on about Zoe announcing “bunnyhops”, he seems to be thinking of Gus Honeybun who I don’t think was ever on CBBC! vlcsnap-01011

The two teams were playing for points to win prizes for their chosen charities, including a colour TV. It’s time to play, so don’t forget to say what you see, and remember the bell. All of the catchphrases are Christmas-themed. But Bob buzzes in before the bell, oh no! Whoever solves the bonus also wins a prize. In the next round, the teams alternate on the buzzer, and going into the break, Johnny and Zoe are in the lead by five points! They’ll be back soon, don’t go away! vlcsnap-01013

The puzzle is finally solved for the prize of a CD player. Now there’s no bell, anyone can buzz in, and it becomes fast and furious. Bob and Carol take the lead, and also win a waterproof camera! It’s all over, and Bob and Carol win 735-620! They go into the Super Catchphrase, which is even more exciting than the Gold Run. They win the star prize, and they are very pleased. Father Christmas then comes on to give everyone a hug, now that’s the way to end a show. What fun, you’ll only find entertainment like this on Challenge at 5am. vlcsnap-01049

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