Game Show Memories – Teen Win, Lose Or Draw.

Teen Win, Lose Or Draw (GMTV, 1993)

Win, Lose Or Draw was a very enjoyable game show that was based on an American format and shown in a daytime slot on ITV for most of the 90s. It became popular enough for there to be not one but two spin-offs. When GMTV launched in 1993 they decided to include a revised version of the show as part of their schedule for children on Saturday Mornings.

Teen Win, Lose Or Draw was the quick draw game hosted by Darren Day (known as “the man with the markers”) who had previously hosted CBBC’s Clockwise, and would go on to host ITV’s You Bet! The set design was rather unusual as the show seemed to be taking place on a basketball court, and the opening sequence consisted of the young studio audience running around as if they were having a PE lesson. vlcsnap-00928

Two teams of three took part, usually consisting of two teens and one celebrity (and while in the American version you might have played alongside the girl off Out Of This World, in this version contestants were usually paired alongside someone off a CITV show). There were also editions featuring celebrity teams, such as Coronation Street versus Press Gang. There was no money on offer, but plenty of prizes were available. vlcsnap-00961

The idea was the same as in the original version, teams have to guess things that are drawn on a board which can lead to some amusing results. Remember, only a doodle will do. There were four rounds, and the pen is the passport to points. In the first round, one team member has to draw ten clues in two minutes, every correct answer scores five points. All the clues have a link as well so there’s a bonus if that is found. vlcsnap-00952

The second round had three clues that were in two parts. There were 90 seconds, and 15 points for every correct answer. In the third round, an envelope had to be chosen containing a category. There were four clues that had to be drawn about something, the earlier it is guessed, the more points are scored. In the first three rounds every player has one go each. vlcsnap-00973

The final round was quickfire. One of the players was nominated, and they had 90 seconds to draw as many things as they could. There were ten points for every correct answer. There were some very close finishes, leading to the usual overexcited jumping around from everybody, and the winning team could pick something nice from the pallet of prizes. vlcsnap-00962

Teen Win, Lose Or Draw rather vaguely qualified as educational programming in GMTV’s schedule for younger viewers, although it was dropped after a short while and replaced by a dusty old cartoon which was rather disappointing. It was also later repeated on Challenge. Even if some thought it wasn’t a patch on the original version, it was still much better than the second spin-off (that came six years after the original run ended) Win, Lose Or Draw Late.


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