CITV Memories – How Dare You!

How Dare You! (CITV, 1984-1987)

Just like Hold Tight that I reviewed on here recently, I am stretching the rules a little as this is another show that I don’t really remember watching on CITV at the time, but after discovering a few things about the show online I was intrigued enough to find out more and feel that it’s worthy of featuring here. How Dare You! was a rather odd mix that was part-game show, and part-comedy sketch show, indeed it could be described as anarchic.

How Dare You! (a Tyne Tees Production for ITV) was hosted by John Gorman and Clive Webb who had also featured in the classic CITV Saturday Morning show Tiswas, and this show was also enjoyably chaotic. Two teams representing their schools took part and played some very silly gunge-filled games while balloons and streamers went everywhere, predating the similar Double Dare and Fun House by a few years. vlcsnap-01174

Other hosts included Cheryl Baker, but in the later series a new host joined the lineup who was a rather overexcited young woman called Carrie Gray. She was also in the group that represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983, and would go on to have another wave of fame in the early-2000s, by which point she had married the singer David Grant who had a few hits in the 80s including the duet “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” with Jaki Graham (my sister liked lots of Jaki’s singles), when she appeared as a judge on BBC1’s “this isn’t exactly the same format as ITV1’s Pop Idol, honest” musical contest Fame Academyvlcsnap-01180

The hosts also took part in some fast-moving and rather zany comedy sketches as a wide variety of characters. Another notable thing about How Dare You! was that by the final series in 1987 the theme music had changed to a version of “Stay Out Of My Life” by Five Star. Now I know that they had some rather harsh critics of their work in their time, but my sister was very fond of their singles as well in the 80s. vlcsnap-01175

The most memorable part of the show was Teach Them A Lesson, where two teachers had gunge thrown over them by the contestants for about a minute for no particular reason while the audience squealed. What a great game. It made even the likes of Dick And Dom’s Creamy Muck Muck-style games seem sophisticated by comparison. This is what they want! The winning team would receive the coveted star prize of a wellington boot. vlcsnap-01181

According to some of the old issues of TV Times that I have, a few editions of the final series of How Dare You! were only five minutes long, which seems rather unusual. There also seem to be only about 1½ editions of the show online, I would definitely like to see more, it’s one of the silliest and funniest children’s TV shows from the 80s that I’ve seen. Hopefully a few more editions will turn up online one day.

One thought on “CITV Memories – How Dare You!

  1. welshtiswasfan says:

    The one thing I remember about this show is the game of “Football” that was played. If I remember rightly the kids wore over sized wellington boots and had a pay a messy forfeit if there was a foul, of which it was always deemed there was loads. Main Forfeit was having gunge poured into the wellies (hence the over sized wellies) which then made the game even more difficult!


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