CBBC Memories – Cavegirl.

Cavegirl (CBBC, 2002-2003)

A while ago on here I wrote a review of Harry And Cosh. This show was one of the reasons that I decided to start doing a blog, because I remember watching it on Channel 5 on weekend afternoons, but there was so little online about it, there must be some other people out there who watched it I presumed, and it’s been great to write about so many TV shows that I’ve watched over the years, however successful they were.

Now imagine Harry And Cosh, the show about two teenage boys, and take most of the same cast and production team, but now set it in prehistoric times, and make it on location in South Africa… and you have this show. Cavegirl was a comedy-drama series written and directed by Daniel Peacock (who appeared in the show himself), and also in an 80s episode of Only Fools And Horsesvlcsnap-00281

Cavegirl starred Stacey Cadman as the rebellious girl with attitude! The theme music was a version of Bow Wow Wow’s “Go Wild In The Country”. Also featuring were her family, including her mum who was played by the woman who was the short-tempered teacher in Harry And Cosh, Big Sis who was played by Lucinda who was Harry’s girlfriend, and her gran and younger brother. Harry himself also appeared as Roast, and although he wasn’t a regular cast member, his old china Cosh did appear in at least one episode. That guy off Hollyoaks was in it too. vlcsnap-00507

This show also proved that being an angst-riddled girl in those times was as difficult then as it is now, and Cavegirl does spend a lot of time bickering with her family. She also seems to spend a lot of time running round and trying to flirt with young men who she is convinced would all fancy her, whilst trying to make sure that the various tribes aren’t constantly at war with each other. We would also hear Cavegirl’s inner thoughts. vlcsnap-00508

Cavegirl ran for a couple of series in the early days of the CBBC Channel, and then it was frequently repeated for a while. A small amount of episodes were also released on DVD, but not all of them. After Cavegirl ended, Cadman (who believe it or not is now almost 40 years old) went on to star in the Sky One drama Mile High, and I was hoping that she would go on to further success, but after that show ended she has almost not been on TV at all in the past decade. vlcsnap-00540

After Cavegirl ended, the production team then made some more shows together, again in the Channel 5 weekend afternoon slot. These were Morris 2274 and Billie: Girl Of The Future. Now I must admit that I don’t remember watching these at the time, so I shall have to try and track them down to determine if they are worth a review too. If they are as enjoyable as Harry And Cosh and Cavegirl, then that will be great.

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