The YouTube Files – Out Of This World.

Out Of This World (1987-1991)

This is another show that I remember watching in the 90s, and looking back now I suppose that it wasn’t that great at all really, but the reason I have decided to review it is because it was another one of those shows that I got rather overexcited about and wouldn’t miss for anything for a week or two, before practically forgetting about it altogether. There are plenty of episodes on YouTube, so here’s what it was all about.

Out Of This World was an American sitcom that had an element of fantasy (accompanied by the memorable theme music “Swinging On A Star”). On her 13th birthday, Californian Evie Garland discovers the her father is an alien, and she has the ability to do some rather unusual things, well I’m sure it happened to a lot of people when they were that age. One of the few other people who knows about this is her mother Donna who works at a school. vlcsnap-01113

Evie is able to do what was called “gleeping”, where she could freeze time, and she was also able to have visions and turn into different people, although she probably wouldn’t give Sabrina The Teenage Witch much to fear about. Although he has long-gone back to his distant planet, Evie is able to communicate with her father Troy using a colour-changing cube in her bedroom that seems to have been possessed by the ghost of Burt Reynolds. vlcsnap-01111

Other characters who are unaware of all of this include Evie’s high-school friend Lindsay (who often enjoy milkshakes together at the Goodie Goodie), the mayor Kyle, and one of the most memorable people in the show, Uncle Beano. One of the reasons that he amused me was because it made me wonder if Evie had any other relatives who shared their name with a comic, maybe a long-lost brother called Beezer or something like that. There were also some guest appearances from a few celebrities. vlcsnap-01116

Out Of This World ran for four series and almost 100 episodes, but by the end the idea had been somewhat exhausted. In the early-90s it was shown in the UK on weekdays at 10am when the usual schedule was off during the school holidays (this was in the days before viewers demanded that the same people host the same shows in the same timeslots on ITV five days a week 52 weeks a year). vlcsnap-01112

Because of this, Out Of This World became rather popular with younger viewers, including myself. There has been no DVD release of the show in this country, and there seem to be no plans for one any time soon. I did enjoy watching it, although looking back it was a rather ridiculous sitcom and I’m not sure how many people would admit to being fans. I wonder what planet Evie is on now.

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