More TV Memories – Games World.

Games World (Sky One, 1993-1995, 1998)

When I began my Game Show Memories series on here a while back now, I told an anecdote about Games World. I thought that I would now revisit this show and give it a full review. Following on from The DJ Kat Show that I reviewed recently, Games World is another show that was regularly on Sky One in the 90s, but I do remember watching this one first time round. How is this possible?

Before we got Sky One in my house, I used to visit a friend in the evening who had satellite TV, and we usually watched Games World (other Sky One shows I remember watching around this time were Australian soap E Street and American sitcom Full House). This was a show that was all about computer games that was shown every weekday and was essentially Sky’s equivalent of Channel 4’s GamesMaster.

Every day featured something different on the show, and as I have been into computer games for many years (although I’ve never been that great at playing them) I did enjoy watching. One of the features to start the week off was The Eliminator, where various “puffy jackets” (as they used to be called) competed against one-another in various games and were gradually knocked out until one remained. vlcsnap-00761

This was hosted by Bob Mills, who also hosted In Bed With Medinner and Win, Lose Or Draw on ITV around the same time, and in more recent years he has presented on the radio. Bob would commentate on the games being played (one of the regular ones was Cash Dash) along with a writer from a games magazine. There were also special editions where the magazine writers were the contestants. vlcsnap-00758

All throughout the week Games World would feature things like news and reviews of the latest games, and there would also be plenty of chips and teats… or tips and cheats as some call them on offer (also featuring in some of the earliest TV appearances was David Walliams, isn’t that terrific). This was another show featuring an interactive element that was rather similar to a later CITV mid-90s show called TIGSvlcsnap-00755

This all built up to the climax at the end of the week called Beat The Elite, this was where contestants who survived The Eliminator would compete against a “Videator”, a group of characters who thought a lot of themselves and claimed that they were tough to beat. These included posh schoolboy Master Moriarty, and the most famous was Big Boy Barry, a rather rotund young gentleman who was fond of his games. The contestant then gambled the points that they had won in the final round, and the overall series winner received a big fancy arcade machine. vlcsnap-00763

One of the reasons this show means a lot to me is because once I was actually in the studio audience for Beat The Elite, and it was a great experience. Never did I think when I watched the show about a year earlier I would actually be seeing these people for real, and it should tell you something about me never really wanting to meet celebrities however much I’ve admired them that even being in the presence of Bob and Barry left me somewhat starstruck. After a break of a few years, Games World returned in 1998, but it was rather short-lived, in this case the original was definitely the best.

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