CITV Memories – Art Attack Christmas Cracker.

Art Attack Christmas Cracker (CITV, 1994)

Art Attack was one of my favourite shows on CITV in the 90s, and it became popular enough with viewers for there to be many Christmas specials made over the 17 years it ran for, so here’s a review of the special that was shown in 1994. It was 25 minutes long (about ten minutes longer than a usual edition), and of course it was hosted by Neil Buchanan. vlcsnap-00752

Let’s open the Art Attack Christmas Cracker! As it was a special edition, there was a chance to do some more ambitious things, and as we’ll see, Neil definitely took advantage of that. First of all though, Neil begins by showing us how to make our own Christmas tree. All you need is some card and some paper, a little paint, and plenty of squidgy bottles of glue to hand as well, and you’ll soon have something fantastic looking. vlcsnap-00753

Neil also reveals his struggles with sticky tape. After Neil has said “try it yourself”, we visit the art gallery that contains The Head, who is always fond of Christmas. He was unsuccessful in making his own tree though as he had no card. Having no arms or legs probably made it difficult too. Then we come to the main part of the show, the big Art Attack. vlcsnap-00754

Because it’s a special, for the first time Neil takes us behind the scenes of how a big Art Attack is organised, they don’t just throw these things together. As well as a great idea, it’s also important to have a production team, especially a cameraman, it does help, and in this case, as we’ll see, a passport and some plane tickets will be rather important to have too. This is because they are all going to Colorado in America where there is plenty of snow, and they are aiming for the world record! vlcsnap-00755

Back to the studio first though, and Neil is telling us that he couldn’t believe the price of wrapping paper, so he reveals how to make our own. You can take some old bin bags and flick some little blobs of green and red paint on them, or you can take a red bag and tie another bag around it for a really classy look. People will think that you have spent a lot of money. vlcsnap-00761

Back to America, and Neil along with the team are all working hard to make sure that the big Art Attack will all go to plan. Before that, Neil shows us how to make some of our own Christmas cards that will really stand out, they are great, I really don’t know how he never went on to get a job at one of those craft shopping channels. But now it’s time for the big moment… vlcsnap-00765

Neil puts the finishing touch to his successful big Art Attack by becoming part of the picture himself, and he has also set the world record! In later Christmas Cracker specials, there were some more creative ideas, including making your own decorations, and some of the highlights were released on VHS. There was also an impressive and ambitious big Art Attack in New York where the lights were turned on in a skyscraper to create a special image. Ta-ra! vlcsnap-00764


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