More TV Memories – Ed, Edd ‘N’ Eddy.

Ed, Edd ‘N’ Eddy (Cartoon Network, 1999-2008)

This is another show that I was introduced to by Cartoon Network, so I thought that I would begin by saying a little more about my memories of watching that digital channel. Almost 20 years ago now (I don’t think I can believe it) in the late-90s when we got OnDigital one of the channels that was part of the package was Cartoon Network.

By this point I had stopped watching CBBC and CITV regularly because I was doing my GCSEs and I felt that it was finally time to leave behind Tots TV and the like and spend more time revising (although I probably did anyway). So Cartoon Network presented a challenge for me. Would it get me back into watching cartoons just as I thought that I had outgrown them?

Then there was the concept of Cartoon Network being a 24-hour channel that showed nothing but cartoons. Having been used to the what was offered by CBBC and CITV for many years, suddenly having the opportunity to watch cartoons all day long, most of which wouldn’t ever be shown on those strands, was rather odd. Cartoons on TV at 9pm? This madness will never last!

But it turned out that taking a look was a very good idea because Cartoon Network introduced me to two of what must be my all-time favourite TV shows that I have already written about on here, Cult Toons and Space Ghost: Coast To Coast, I am still very fond of both because they really did stretch the boundaries of television in such a creative and bizarre way that I have barely seen before or since, and then there was also this enjoyable show. vlcsnap-00518

Ed, Edd ‘N’ Eddy was a cartoon about the adventures of three boys who all shared the same name. (Edd always wore a hat and was nicknamed “Double D” to help avoid confusion). They were all rather fond of jawbreakers (also known as gobstoppers), and there was also a distinctive animation style where they all seemed to have rather wobbly body parts, along with their strange voices (every episode also contained the word “Ed” in its title) and frequent silly sound effects. There were a few other recurring characters in the show including a boy who always went around with a plank. vlcsnap-00522

I remember that some episodes of Ed, Edd ‘N’ Eddy were repeated rather regularly on Cartoon Network (another children’s TV concept that I was previously unfamiliar with), and I tried to catch them whenever I could, it did seem to be on TV endlessly for a short while. It seems that some episodes of the show were also released on DVD and there was even a film. Watching a few episodes again recently definitely brought some good memories back. vlcsnap-00531

It seems that Ed, Edd ‘N’ Eddy was one of the more popular and enduring Cartoon Network shows of its era, and it was good to discover that it ran for six series over almost a decade. There are even more great Cartoon Network shows that I want to write about on here including Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls, so look out for those soon.

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