More TV Memories – CatDog.

CatDog (Nickelodeon, 1998-2004)

I thought that it was about time for another cartoon review. This is a show that although it was originally shown on Nickelodeon, I remember watching it on Channel 4 as part of the children’s shows strand during weekends and school holidays in the late-90s (I’m fairly sure it wasn’t ever shown on CBBC or CITV). CatDog is a cartoon with an idea that is so bizarre even Cow And Chicken seems straightforward by comparison, which was once described by Radio Times as “janus-faced jocularity with the cartoon chimera”. Er, right…

CatDog are brothers that are somewhat inseparable, although they can’t really help it, because they are conjoined, with the cat (voiced by Jim Cummings) at one end, and the dog (voiced by Tom Kenny of SpongeBob SqaurePants fame) who had a big purple nose at the other, they live in what appears to be a rocket and they struggle to get along. But wait, where does all the poop go? That’s some kind of living hell, that’s some kind of living hell, Brian! Er, excuse me… vlcsnap-00046

So of course, everywhere that they went, the other one would be with them, and whatever one was up to, the other one would inevitably interfere and cause chaos. It definitely comes across as another one of those cartoons where one of the main characters is stupid, and the other one is stupider. Every edition featured two stories and watching a few again recently made me realise that they were usually guaranteed to go off in a rather odd direction. vlcsnap-00054

There were a few other regular characters in CatDog including Winslow the mouse, Rancid Rabbit, and The Greasers, a group of dogs who were always irritating CatDog. There were also various other animals featuring that were rather odd-looking colours which reminded me of that other cartoon Doug a little. Also among the cast to provide some of the voices was Billy West of The Ren And Stimpy Show fame among many other cartoons. vlcsnap-00151

I think that CatDog was also shown regularly on Nickelodeon in the early-2000s when I had access to that channel on ITV Digital. Four series were made but none of them have been released on DVD in this country, and there was also a computer game made. And well, it’s yet another of those bizarre shows that once you see it, you never forget it. You definitely can’t confuse it with anything else on TV.

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