The YouTube Files – Me, You And Him.

Me, You And Him (ITV, 1992)

It’s time for another entry in the “were there any decent 90s ITV sitcoms” series. This is a sitcom that I don’t really remember watching first time round, but it’s another that I had been interested in seeing for a while, so I was pleased to discover that all the episodes have been uploaded to YouTube by “British Comedy Rarities”, and credit goes to them.

Me, You And Him was a sitcom that was written by and starred the double-act of Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis (best known at the time for being part of sketch show The Mary Whitehouse Experience, and a couple of years after this they would go on to have their own show on BBC1 that I reviewed a while back), along with Nick Hancock (who would go on to host Room 101 and They Think It’s All Over). vlcsnap-00522

The idea of the show was that Punt, Dennis and Hancock played three friends who have known one-another since they were at school together, although they don’t seem to have much in common or get on that well. John (Hancock) is a lazy PE teacher who lived by himself until businessman Harry (Dennis) returned from living in France for a few years to move in. Also frequently turning up at the flat was Mark (Punt) who was trying to get away from his parents and find a job. vlcsnap-00526

The only other main cast members were the neighbours Todd and Helen, a reformed criminal who had married his probation officer (Helen was played by Harriet Thorpe who is best known for playing Carole in The Brittas Empire), and Clare who was an old girlfriend of Harry who unexpectedly returns into his life. There were plenty of jokes about TV shows, including one scene where they are all watching Blockbusters and getting the answers wrong. Also making a brief appearance was Danny Baker, sending up his advertising campaigns for Daz that were on TV at the time. vlcsnap-00531

Me, You And Him was a sitcom that had some rather unusual moments (for example there was a fantasy sequence where John imagined he was playing football for England at Wembley), and it wasn’t entirely clear whether it was an attempt to parody the run-of-the-mill flatshare sitcom or not. It was produced by Thames and ran for only one series, it seems that it got rather average reviews from critics at the time, and it hasn’t been released on DVD. Watching some episodes did remind me of Men Behaving Badly a little, this was around the time that ITV rejected a third series of that sitcom, I wonder if this was an attempt at a replacement of sorts. vlcsnap-00529

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