Game Show Memories – Tell The Truth.

Tell The Truth (Channel 4, 1983-1985, ITV, 1989-1990)

This is a show that has been around for a long time, first appearing on British TV as early as the late-50s. Then after a long break it was revived by Channel 4 in the mid-80s, but this piece is going to concentrate on the revival on ITV in the late-80s. It was shown in a weekday daytime slot, and the host was Fred Dinenage, who also hosted game shows including Gambit and Pass The Buck along with CITV’s long-running How 2 of course. vlcsnap-00155

The idea was that three contestants appeared and all claimed to be someone who had achieved something unusual. But wait… it can’t be all three of them! It was up to the four celebrity panellists to determine who were the impostors and who was telling the truth. Regular panellists included Christopher Biggins, Leslie Crowther, and Chris Tarrant. Would the real person be able to beat the panel? vlcsnap-00182

The round would begin with Fred reading a description of what their achievement was. Each panellist could ask the contestants one question each. Then all four of them had to say who they thought was the real person. There would then be the reveal when Fred would say the show’s famous catchphrase “would the real (whoever) please stand up?”. It was always rather amusing when all four panellists got it wrong and Fred described it as a whitewash. The real person would then talk a little more about their career. This round would then be played out again with three more contestants. vlcsnap-00163

The final round was called One To One, where the four impostors took part, and one of them had done something unusual. This time the panellists could only talk to one of them against the clock. Who is telling the truth out of them now? A quick decision had to be made. Again, the real person would be revealed, and there would be more surprises if the panellists had got it totally wrong. vlcsnap-00190

Tell The Truth is another game show that I remember watching a long time ago (as I think I said before I did go to school too, honest), and it was also a TVS production (but where’s their archive now etc). In more recent years a similar show appeared on ITV1 where panellists had to guess who was the real person out of a lineup that was called Odd One In, but I never really watched that as much, I prefer this version.

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