Game Show Memories – Sporting Triangles.

Sporting Triangles (ITV, 1987-1990)

Here’s why I’m reviewing this game show. A while ago someone requested that I might review Sporting Triangles. When I said that I didn’t plan to because I don’t really remember it they seemed somewhat surprised. There was a game show out there that I didn’t know much about, how could such a thing be possible! I suppose I should be flattered that people seem to think that I am knowledgeable about these things, so I thought that it would be a good idea to have a look for myself.

I imagine that it wouldn’t be going too far to suggest that Sporting Triangles was an attempt by ITV at creating their own version of BBC1’s successful A Question Of Sport (which had been going for almost 20 years by the launch of this show in 1987). It was hosted for the first two series by Nick Owen (who was also a presenter on ITV Sport at the time), and Andy Craig hosted the final two. vlcsnap-00025

Three teams of two took part wearing their colour-coded sweaters (shades of Supermarket Sweep here), featuring a team captain, and various well-known sportspeople including Jimmy Greaves, Dennis Taylor, and Nigel Mansell took part. It was a chance for them to show off what they know about their own sport and others, or indeed what they don’t know. The centrepiece of the show was the triangle-shaped board (which it seems wasn’t computer-generated until the second series in 1988) which featured various coloured spaces. vlcsnap-00038

The dice is rolled, and if you land on your team’s colour you get a question about a sport that one of the team members plays for one point. If you land on an opponent’s colour and you get it right you score one point and the space turns to your team’s colour. If you land on a white space, the question could be about any sport but it’s worth two points. There were various types of questions including multiple choice and the inevitable “what happened next?”. It seems that some extra rounds were introduced in later series including questions asked on the buzzer. vlcsnap-00039

As ever with these type of shows, there were no prizes on offer, but the highest-scoring team meant that their captain won a show and they all hoped to have won the most games by the end of the series. There was also a board game and computer game version of Sporting Triangles released, although I didn’t have either of those. I did have the A Question Of Sport board game though. So there. vlcsnap-00113

How did Sporting Triangles end up doing? Well, it was an attempt at something different and it ran for four series but it’s now long-gone from the screen, while A Question Of Sport is still going, and even poaching Emlyn Hughes from that show to be a team captain for the later series didn’t really get viewers that excited. It was good seeing some editions though.


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