The YouTube Files – Fun House USA.

Fun House (1988-1991)

Fun House is another game show that launched in America before it came to the UK on CITV where it would achieve great success with viewers and run for a decade. The original version launched in 1988 which was syndicated and hosted by JD Roth. Once again, I was watching some editions on YouTube and thought I would give it a review. Would it be as wacky and outrageous as the UK? vlcsnap-00721

Two teams of two take part, the reds and the yellows. They are accompanied by twin cheerleaders, Jackie and Sammi (I didn’t realise that this idea was also used in the original version). They play three messy games, one for the boys, one for the girls, and one for all four (not all of them are against the clock). Winning the game scores 25 points (both teams scored 25 points if there was a tie), with a 25 points bonus on offer for answering a question on the buzzer (there was no key game in this version). vlcsnap-00728

Then it was time for the Grand Prix. There was rather a major difference to this round as it usually didn’t feature go-karts. Instead the teams had to run round two laps of the track trying to avoid the obstacles whilst usually wearing a rather daft costume. They also had to collect the tokens that were worth 10 and 25 points, but in this version there were more than four of each available. vlcsnap-00729

The scores would then be added together, and the highest scoring team goes into the Fun House! I imagine that this must have been very exciting, everybody who watched the show whatever country they were in wanted to have a go I’m sure. The losing team take away some consolation prizes. In the event of a tie, one more question on the buzzer is asked. vlcsnap-00730

In the final, there was one notable difference. The team had two minutes to go into the Fun House individually and collect three tags from the obstacles, before swapping over with their teammate. However, in this version, there were prize tags and money tags on offer, the child contestants couldn’t play for money in the UK version, but in the US they could win up to $5,000 worth of money and prizes. vlcsnap-00731

Also on offer was the Power Prize, which if they found it they would win right away, in the UK an against the clock bonus question would be asked. The American version of Fun House ran eventually ran for three years and 375 editions and there was even a board game version made. Well done to whoever it was who made the decision to bring this show to the UK as it was always one of my favourites on CITV.


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