CBBC Memories – Radio Roo.

Radio Roo (CBBC, 1991-1993)

I think I have said on here before, but in the early days of digital TV something rather strange happened. Around 2000 the channel BBC Choice launched a strand called CBBC On Choice, but although the links from the presenters were new, there were no new programmes, and everything they showed seemed to be from around the late-80s/early-90s making it a sort CBBC + 10 Years channel, and it was great seeing shows from those days again, so here’s a review of a show that I remember watching first time round, and then again a decade later.

Radio Roo was a sitcom that had a rather odd idea. It starred Dennis who runs a radio station with his mate Clive… who just happens to be a kangaroo puppet! Well of course he is, not that old story again! Radio Roo was written by Wayne Jackman who also starred as Dennis (although he’ll always be Jiffy from CITV’s Allsorts to me), and Clive the kangaroo (who had inherited the station) unsurprisingly had an Australian accent that was provided by Ian Tregonning. vlcsnap-00442

Radio Roo was set in a place called Brigtown and according to the opening sequence it seems that most of their listeners were people with parrots on the shoulders, or roller-skaters, and the set-up seemed to only consist of a microphone and a turntable. Just how legit was this station? Dennis and Clive spent most episodes bumbling around, and when Dennis wasn’t trying to run the station he often tried to attract the attention of Margaret who usually got caught up in their adventures. vlcsnap-00440

It seems that Radio Roo wasn’t the only place that we saw Dennis and Clive. Around 1989/1990 they also hosted Saturday Starts Here, a CBBC strand that was shown on Saturday Mornings where they would introduce the various programmes, which would usually conclude with Going Live! Presumably someone thought that they were funny enough to have their own series. vlcsnap-00439

Radio Roo ran for three series and every episode was 15 minutes long, and although it does seem to be little-remembered now and there has been no DVD release, it was fun enough compared to other CBBC sitcoms around at the time like Bodger And Badger (which I will review here soon too), and watching a couple of episodes again recently brought back memories of when I watched the show in both the 90s and 2000s. G’Day! vlcsnap-00438

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