Game Show Memories – Telly Addicts Christmas Special.

Telly Addicts Christmas Special (BBC1, 1989)

Telly Addicts is one of my favourite game shows from the 80s and 90s, and there were a lot of Christmas specials made, so here’s a review of the one that was shown in 1989. They even made a special version of the opening theme and everything. Noel Edmonds and one of his horrid jumpers hosted as usual, and for this special two teams of celebrities took part. They might regularly appear on the TV, but do they know anything about the programmes? vlcsnap-00180

The first team was the Crackers, who were Frank Carson, Liza Goddard, George Layton and Graeme Garden. They were up against the Clowns, who were Chris Tarrant (almost a decade before he hosted Who Wants To Be A Millionaire), Barry Cryer, Jessica Martin, and Jim Bowen, marvellous! The usual rounds that were played during this era of the show featured and it was time to let battle commence. vlcsnap-00176

The first round featured questions on classic British comedy shows, and even at this early stage Noel saw that it was going to be a vicious fight to the very climax. In the second round, various people describe famous TV personalities and the teams have to guess who they are. They’re also not entirely convinced that the contributors are genuine despite Noel’s insistence. Where do they find them from? vlcsnap-00179

We then went into the Channel Hopping round, where each contestant had to pick a number from a choice of 12 on offer and answer the question it concealed by pressing the appropriate number on their hoofer-doofer, meaning they had to do all kinds of unlikely things such as guess the celebrity from a picture of their legs, and the famous “sing the sig” round, where they had to sing a famous TV theme and Noel would be very fussy about whether they performed it well enough to earn the point. vlcsnap-00177

There was then a round with questions on classic US comedy shows, followed by Titles And Tunes, where one opening sequence of a TV show was accompanied by the theme to another, and they had to guess both. It’s now time to go into the final round which is in the spotlight, and by this point Noel is claiming that people are passing out with excitement. 12 questions in 60 seconds, so three each, and they will begin, if Frank will ever stop talking. vlcsnap-00178

It was very close between the two teams throughout the whole of the show, and would you believe it, it ends as an 18-18 draw, meaning everyone ends up pleased with how it turned out, including Noel who spent a little too long laughing at most of their answers. This was a fun variation on this classic game show. I still can’t believe that I never got the board game for Christmas…


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