35 Years Of Channel 4.

It’s the 35th anniversary of the launch of Channel 4. Just like I did for the 20th anniversary of Channel 5 earlier in the year, here’s a quick look back at some of their most memorable programmes including game shows, sitcoms, and cartoons that I have already reviewed on this blog which are among my favourites to have ever been shown on Channel 4 over the years, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed watching these too. vlcsnap-00087

Absolutely. The sketch show which featured a wide variety of terrifically odd and funny characters.

The Adam And Joe Show. Another enjoyably inventive comedy show.

Ant And Dec Unzipped. The cheeky duo (as everyone likes to call them) have a go at doing a comedy sketch show. vlcsnap-00545

As If. The innovative teen drama.

Backdate. The daytime game show with questions based on 20th century events.

The Big Breakfast. The only way to start your day with Chris Evans and co.

Bits. The lively late-night computer games show. vlcsnap-00088

The Chart Show. All the latest music videos being rewound and fast-forwarded.

Countdown. Where it all began. The very first programme shown on Channel 4, and it’s still going. vlcsnap-00280

The Crystal Maze. The popular adventure game show that was recently revived.

Deal Or No Deal. The rather exciting big money game show.

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. The Saturday night game show that offered some of the biggest prizes around.

Doug. One of the cartoons that I remember watching on Sunday mornings.

Father Ted. This one needs little introduction. Widely considered to be one of the best sitcoms of its era. ted

Fifteen-To-One. The challenging general knowledge game show.

Fluke. The quirky game show hosted by Tim Vine which was entirely based on luck.

Gamesmaster. Another show that entered the world of computer games. vlcsnap-01284

Garth Margenhi’s Darkplace. Sitcom that was a parody of 1980s drama series.

Harry Hill. Another terrifically creative and funny comedy show.

Hollyoaks. The long-running soap. vlcsnap-00313

The IT Crowd. Another entertaining sitcom.

The Music Game. A game show with questions asked about all types of music.

Peep Show. Mitchell and Webb keep an eye on one another in this sitcom.

Perfect Recall. The memory test daytime game show hosted by Terry Wogan. vlcsnap-00685

Rocko’s Modern Life. A crazy cartoon that I remember enjoying a lot.

Star Test. Celebrities are questioned by a computer.

TFI Friday. The entertainment show that meant the weekend was here. vlcsnap-01438

Think Tank. Another short-lived daytime game show.

Two Stupid Dogs. Another amusingly silly cartoon that was shown on Sunday mornings.

Vic Reeves Big Night Out. The show that put Reeves And Mortimer among some of the biggest names in comedy.

If you’ve got any extra memories of watching Channel 4 shows however popular or little-known they are it’d be good to know about them, and I’ve got many more reviews of Channel 4 programmes to come.


2 thoughts on “35 Years Of Channel 4.

  1. antster1983 says:

    It would be good to hear your take on Peter Kay’s series on Channel 4 (That Peter Kay Thing, Phoenix Nights and Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere). Like them or not, they were popular (especially Phoenix Nights)

    Liked by 1 person

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