More TV Memories – Auntie’s Bloomers.

Auntie’s Bloomers (BBC1, 1991-2001)

In 1977 ITV launched their famous out-takes show It’ll Be Alright On The Night, and in the early-90s the BBC launched their equivalent show Auntie’s Bloomers (nice wordplay). This was the show where Terry Wogan would look back at some of the more embarrassing moments in the BBC archive in his usual style, revealing that even the most professional of presenters and actors could make mistakes. (Wogan was even game enough to feature in a few mishaps himself.) vlcsnap-01222

There were a lot of memorable out-takes used on the show, and if ever a regional news presenter had stumbled over their words, or a children’s TV presenter had fallen over, suddenly this would come in very useful to be used on the show. Several of the clips in Auntie’s Bloomers also seemed to be recycled in the similar 90s BBC1 series Miss-Takes which I reviewed a while ago. vlcsnap-01230

One interesting thing about the earliest editions of Auntie’s Bloomers was that most of the clips seemed to be sourced from Christmas tapes, daft moments preserved by the production team for their amusement. Also, around the middle of the run in the mid-90s, Wogan hosted the show in what was supposed to be the BBC archive, surrounded by dusty old film-cans, as if he had broken in late at night, decided to find the mishaps himself, and screen the moments that they had tried to hide away.vlcsnap-01233

The show was successful enough for there to be a spin-off series called Auntie’s Sporting Bloomers which was also hosted by Terry Wogan, featuring various odd moments taken from the Grandstand archive, and Wogan would also interview guests such as famous sportspeople and commentators remembering some of the stranger things that they have seen. Auntie’s Sporting Bloomers ran for four series from 1995-1999 on BBC1 and was an amusing variation on the format. vlcsnap-01232

Auntie’s Bloomers was never shown as a series, usually only turning up occasionally as one-offs on BBC1, usually at Christmas. The show became popular enough for there to be a lot of editions made, featuring ever more complicated titles such as Even More New Auntie’s Super Special New Bloomers 2 (well I made that one up, but the titles weren’t getting too far away from being like that by the end). vlcsnap-01235

Auntie’s Bloomers would eventually run for a decade, and when it ended it was replaced on BBC1 by a similar series in 2002 called Out-Take TV which also ran for about a decade and had various hosts including Paul O’Grady and Anne Robinson, although I don’t remember watching this as much. Overall though I did enjoy the show and it featured a lot of funny moments that were just as good as anything that ITV’s equivalent could offer.


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