More TV Memories – Night And Day The Final Episode.

Night And Day: the final episode (ITV1, 2003) vlcsnap-01109

One of the earliest blog pieces that I did was about my favourite TV soap Night And Day. Because there isn’t much about this show online I decided that I wanted to do another piece, so I thought that I’d have a look back at the final episode that was shown rather late on ITV1 in June 2003. Night And Day was a rather odd show which was quickly dropped from its daytime slot, but the episodes were made so far in advance that there were still about a year’s worth to show when this decision was made, and they were determined to end things with a bang. You can now rest easy as I finally reveal the fates of all the characters, including what happened to the mysterious Jane Harper… vlcsnap-00998

The previous episode ended with the cliffhanger of Della discovering that her and Jane had been swapped as babies by Danny (played by a pre-EastEnders Shane Richie). This episode begins with Della and Jane’s 17th birthday parties, following on from the first episode which featured their 16th birthdays, which was actually shown 19 months earlier, time seemingly moves slower in Greenwich. Jane was eventually found in a later episode where she had lost her memory, and she was reunited with her family. vlcsnap-01215

There’s lots of other things going on. Fiona has started having an affair with the much younger Dennis. Her husband Mike couldn’t believe it really, she has had enough though and plans to leave on her own. Josh discovers that he isn’t Della’s brother. Jane’s brother (well, probably) Ryan has had a tough year, but Danny’s lovely niece Celeste has helped him through. Will he stay with her? Jane meets Alex again, who she had been having an affair with in the earliest episodes before her disappearance. But wait, it turns out he’s her dad? Well that’s awkward. Roxanne is not happy to discover what happened to put it mildly and throws Alex out. vlcsnap-01217

We now reach the climax where Jane finally confronts Danny about everything that’s happened, and goes and stabs him. We then rejoin the story four years later after Jane is released from prison on her 21st birthday. What had happened to everyone? The Harpers moved away from Greenwich, and Roxanne hasn’t seen Alex since. Della had a family with a now rich Josh who it turns out wasn’t her brother at any point. vlcsnap-01031

Also, Frankie’s dad turned into a hugely convincing robot, Dennis got married and became a fireman, and Ryan had a sex change and stayed with a now pregnant Celeste. It was also revealed that Jane had died in prison the day she was supposed to be released, so it was her ghost walking around at the end or something like that, even I had lost track by this point. We end with a closing montage of some memorable moments accompanied by Bjork’s “All Is Full Of Love”. vlcsnap-01019

And that’s it. Night And Day hasn’t been seen on British TV since (and neither have many of the cast) and I was very sorry to see it leave the screen, although I was clearly in the minority on that one. I’ve never really seen anything else like it on TV before or since, in any genre, never mind soaps. I still have a lot of fond memories of watching this show. Who knows, maybe the residents of Thornton Street are still all out there somewhere… vlcsnap-01024

I plan to look at how some more soaps ended soon including the final episodes of Family Affairs and Crossroads.


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