20 Years Of Channel 5.

Recently it was the 20th anniversary of the launch of Channel 5. Here’s a quick look at the shows that I’ve already reviewed on this blog which have been shown on the channel since the launch in Easter 1997, plus also a few others that I remember that I plan to review soon. vlcsnap-00761

BrainTeaser. The daytime game show which featured various word puzzles and a phone-in element. vlcsnap-00184

Cryptogram. Another daytime game show featuring word puzzles. 

Daria. The animation about a cynical teenager which I remember enjoying on weekend afternoons.

Family Affairs. Channel 5’s soap which ran from Channel 5’s first day on air until December 2005.

FAQ. Another great show that I enjoyed in my teens, and one of the presenters actually replied to my blog piece on the show, something which I was thrilled about. vlcsnap-01120

Harry And Cosh. A great but little-seen comedy-drama about the lives of two teenage boys. vlcsnap-00520

In The Grid. A game show hosted by Les Dennis that had a Deal Or No Deal-style guessing element. vlcsnap-01242

The Jack Docherty Show. An early attempt at a five nights a week entertainment show which had fizzled out after a couple of years. jack2

Move On Up. Another game show which aired when it seemed that they had finally run out of editions of Whittle.

Night Fever. The Saturday night musical game show hosted by Suggs which ran for five years. Night Fever 7

100%. The game show seemingly with no host but with three contestants facing 100 quick-fire questions. One Hundred Percent 12

Our Hero. The Canadian sitcom about the life of a teenage girl.

The Terry And Gaby Show. A lively chat show shown on weekday mornings hosted by Terry Wogan and Gaby Roslin.

This Is 5! The very first show on Channel 5 where Tim Vine and Julia Bradbury revealed what treats would be in store. vlcsnap-00753

Topranko! A game show hosted by Anthony Wilson which centred around top ten lists and trying to guess the less well-known answers to win. Topranko 3

The Tribe. The teenage post-apocalyptic series from New Zealand which brightened many a weekend afternoon. vlcsnap-01147

We Know Where You Live. A comedy sketch show only now really notable for featuring a pre-fame Simon Pegg. vlcsnap-00439

Whittle. Tim Vine hosts the game show similar to Everybody’s Equal where the whole studio audience can play. vlcsnap-00692

Win Beadle’s Money. The game show where the cash prize on offer was right out of Jeremy Beadle’s pocket if you could beat him at his own game. vlcsnap-01269

There are many other shows that I remember watching on Channel 5 over the past two decades including Live With Chris Moyles, Danger! 50,000 VoltsDemolition, The Pepsi Chart, PopularAtlantis High, 5’s Company, and their pioneering news coverage, I’ll review some of those soon. If anyone has any additional memories of watching these shows or anything else on Channel 5, it’d be great to hear from you.


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