CBBC Memories – Stupid.

Stupid (CBBC, 2004-2007)

Stupid was, as you might have guessed from the title, a rather silly comedy sketch show. It was first shown on the CBBC Channel before it was repeated on BBC1. The show starred comedian and non-smoker Marcus Brigstocke as King Stupid (oh really?), and in a moment when I wasn’t looking it seems that he turned into Phil Cornwell for the later editions. vlcsnap-00672

The idea of Stupid was that while in his castle the King likes to keep an eye on people around the country in whatever situation they are in case they suddenly do something stupid, and when they do we are shown what happens in the form of a sketch. The King also had a purple servant called Goober who was rather useless and they were always arguing about everything, the King often concluding that Goober is a “bog house rat”. vlcsnap-00669

There were some various characters who appeared in Stupid. Among my favourites were Makeover Mandy, and Jeff the chef who would make rather odd meals, but there were lots of others, with various scout leaders, dinner ladies, ice cream salesmen and the like all suddenly turning stupid. Perhaps the most famous sketch features a boy whose finger seems to be possessed, and he would suddenly shout “devil finger!” before losing control and making a scene. This sketch also oddly became an internet phenomenon about 12 years after it first aired, I suppose it revived interest in the show. vlcsnap-00674

Among the cast in Stupid was Miranda Hart, who seems to have appeared in a lot more TV comedy shows than I first realised. At the end of every edition, the King would make some comments on the credits as they went by, and I couldn’t help but notice (partly because for a change you could see them) that among the writers were none other than Trevor and Simon. It was good to see that they were still contributing funny stuff to children’s TV long after they left Live & Kickingvlcsnap-00668

Stupid was one of the last CBBC shows that I remember watching regularly, and two series were made, and although there isn’t much online about the show it seems that a lot of people remember it fondly. A few years after Stupid ended it seems that Brigstocke appeared in another silly CBBC comedy sketch show called Sorry, I’ve Got No Head but I don’t remember watching that one.


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