The Comedy Vault – We Know Where You Live.

We Know Where You Live (Channel 5, 1997) vlcsnap-00439As the 20th anniversary of Channel 5 approaches, it has to be noted that the history of comedy programmes on the channel, both home-made and imports, isn’t particularly spectacular. When Channel 5 launched in 1997, as part of their stripped schedule, every weeknight after The Jack Docherty Show around 11:45pm they would show a different comedy, and one of these was the 13-part sketch show We Know Where You Livevlcsnap-00444

The cast of We Know Where You Live featured a sextet of actors who were fairly new to the screen at the time: Fiona Allen, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Jeremy Fowlds, Amanda Holden, Ella Kenion and Simon Pegg, and the sketches were written by a variety of writers. Although there were a few recurring sketches, such as the terrific Information Man (he really should have had his own spin-off), and a few parodies of TV shows, there were no catchphrases as such, and the show was clearly made on a very small budget, with some sketches being pioneering in that they were recorded on CCTV or miniature cameras, but there were some good performances throughout. vlcsnap-00445

Another notable thing about We Know Where You Live is that just about all the cast quickly went on to bigger and better things, with Allen, Bhaskar and Pegg going on to appear in the much more successful sketch shows Smack The Pony, Goodness Gracious Me and Big Train. Pegg of course also went on to have a lot of film success, including starring in Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, which if you look is probably on ITV2 right now. Holden (she used to be married to Les Dennis you know) also went on to various shows including Britain’s Got Talent, Kenion was in a few other comedies including Hardware and The Catherine Tate Show, and Fowlds, er… vlcsnap-00443

One problem with We Know Where You Live was that when it and all the other comedy shows ended in the slot, they did so all at the same time and they weren’t replaced. However, the show did have a brief second wave in 2000 when it was repeated, but condensed into seven shows and re-titled We Know Where You Live – The Remix, and this is what has been released on DVD, meaning that six editions are missing from the collection, and disappointingly there are no extras on the disc. vlcsnap-00451

It is also a surprise to notice that We Know Where You Live doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry, but it deserves to be better known, although I can imagine that the cast probably don’t think much of it now, and it must have had very small ratings at the time. Despite all this, we have been waiting almost two decades for Channel 5 to produce a better sketch show than this one.


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