2016 In Review.

Ooh… 2016 has been such a terrible year, hasn’t it? Well, not round these parts it hasn’t! In the second year of my blog I decided to ease up on the amount of memories that I posted partly because even though I enjoyed compiling pieces to put on here it was very time consuming and it came to the point that I had little time to do anything else, but the majority of what I’ve wanted to share with you is now online, and there have been another 65 posts this year to go along with the 360 already online from last year.

I remember a couple of years ago now when I started the blog that one of the earliest pieces I did was about programmes on digital channel UK Play. I remember being sat there still not sure if this was a good idea or not because I didn’t know if there would be any interest out there, but because I really liked that channel I wanted there to be more online about it, and because of how long ago that was now I’m almost nostalgic about that in itself.

I began this year with a piece on a video that I had found on YouTube over Christmas which I thought was rather fascinating from 1977 which featured a Swiss Toni-style smoothie in an advert selling carpets being interrupted by a news report about the shock news of the death of Elvis Presley. Who was to know that receiving shocking news about much-loved personalities dying would happen on several occasions this year.

My blog has now had over 25,000 views this year from across the world and I am really pleased about this. Even if I don’t reply to comments, people are welcome to make them and I do my best to at the very least read of all them. I’ve been pleased too that I have even received some replies from a couple of people who have actually worked on some shows that I have written about which means a lot to me. But if at the very least you just come along to the site, read a piece, and think “ooh I remember that, what a good show” then I have got the job done because that’s what this blog is all about.

The plan for 2017 is just to carry on really. There is still more that I want to share with you, including reviews of more shows that were shown on CBBC and CITV. There are also still plenty more game shows that I want to write about, and once I’ve done that I’ll reveal what some of my favourite game shows are, and some of my favourite presenters too. There will also be more about pop music, computer games, and just about anything else that crosses my mind. I’m always on the lookout for unusual videos on YouTube so I’ll review more of those too.

I just want to conclude by wishing all of you a Happy New Year, and I hope that you continue to enjoy your nostalgic memories.


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