The YouTube Files – Wogan’s Web/The Terry And Gaby Show.

Because today would have been his birthday, I started to think about some of the TV shows that I enjoyed that were hosted by Terry Wogan. These include his primetime BBC1 chat show, and also Auntie’s Bloomers, and others including his Channel 4 game show Perfect Recall. I also realised that there were a few shows that he hosted that I don’t remember much that are some of the more curious moments in his long career, so I took to YouTube to discover more about two of his lesser-known TV shows, and here are my thoughts.

Wogan’s Web (BBC1, 1998)

I must admit that I’d never really listened to Terry on the radio, having enjoyed his TV work much more, but in the 90s there’s no doubt that his Breakfast Show was very popular, so in 1998 someone had the idea to take his show and put it on the TV. Wogan’s Web was shown on BBC1 daytime for a few weeks, and Terry brought along his posse from his radio show who included the likes of “Deadly” to help him out.

As Wogan’s Web was live it was a fully interactive show, with viewers being encouraged to send in their faxes and emails on the chance that Terry might read them out. Terry would also be joined by guests and discuss all the latest news. Although Terry encouraged his old geezers and girls to join in, the show wasn’t that big a success and it ended after only 15 editions, but it was a good try at something different. vlcsnap-00039

The Terry And Gaby Show (Five, 2003-2004)

Terry also once had a go at hosting a show on Channel 5, oh yes he did. The Terry and Gaby Show was a live daytime show in front of a studio audience which was produced by Chris Evans’s production company, and Terry was teamed up with Chris’s old The Big Breakfast co-host Gaby Roslin, and this was long before Chris replaced Terry as the host of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show. This was a clear attempt to create a This Morning-style show. vlcsnap-00031

From what I can make out from the clips that I’ve seen, it was the usual mix of special guests in the studio, and also various features. These included a regular slot where viewers’ questions were answered by Johnny Ball, who is of course the cleverest man in the world. At some point in the series though he was replaced by none other than Danny Baker. vlcsnap-00035

Now to see two of my favourite TV (and radio) personalities appearing on a show this small-time seemed something of a waste, and Danny summed up the situation when he once said on the show “we’d only sold 11 tickets for this show, then it started to snow and now we’ve got a full house”, and he probably wasn’t even joking. Eventually, The Terry And Gaby Show ended after 200 editions having made little impact with viewers. They tried but they failed.

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